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PoorDroids3543d ago

for droids like u, it is! (see my comment below)

IzKyD13313543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

will there be mod support? because the mods in GTA san andreas were just amazing, ray guns, portal guns, flying people etc.

rroded3543d ago

meh better off waiting bout a year give the mod scene some time to work n the price should drop.

ThanatosDMC3543d ago

They better fix the online on the consoles first. People at Baylor University cant connect in Multiplayer or other people besides my stupid friend.

Willio3543d ago

My personal opinion but i think Halo3/Cod4 is ten times better than GTA4 online since it is not competitive and more for casual play with buddies.

Try checking your college/university's internet connection, could be blocking ports to access gameplay.

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Obama3543d ago

I should tell my pc only friends that this game kinda blows. Well, I guess I was expecting too much of it and got disappointed.

IzKyD13313543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

the story mode is still a solid 30 hour experience, but the online IMO was WAY over-rated, i got to level 6, then i just got bored and went back to COD4

Charmers3543d ago

Well all I can say is "about time" Rockstar jeez took you guys long enough.

SCFreelancer3543d ago

I agree with you there even though I don't think it took them any longer then with the GTA 3 games. I am happy enough that the PC version is confirmed and that we have a release date. It would be really sad if they decided not to go PC anymore for whatever reason!

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The story is too old to be commented.