Square Enix to "make or break" in 2009

Square Enix is arguably one of the game industries most popular developers.

This artcle discusses whether Square Enix's future will be filled with success or failure concerning its future products (ie. Final Fantasy XIII, Parasite Eve), Shareholders and fans.

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La Chance3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

With them milking FF till cant no more I think they might be ok next year.How many FF games coming out next year...maybe only Nintendo can beat them with the milking of Mario

I predict more than 6 million for FF13 worldwide.

ginganinja3786d ago

Yep, with the countless FF remakes and other stuff on the PSP and DS I think Squeenix can count on a decent revenue stream for the time being.
If they do get a bit strapped for cash, stick a few choice games on PSN for a decent price and ...

deanobi3786d ago

Final Fantasy XIII they hope will be the new Final Fantasy VII in terms of games, movies, fanbase and money!

Willio3786d ago

Only disdia PSP is a milked FF game. Everything else is new. Every FF JRPG has a new story and characters with gameplay. i wouldnt consider that as a milked IP.

sumfood4u3785d ago

All that Patience wil payoff as the World will wake up beyond Fanboyism!

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Raoh3786d ago

the funny thing is. all the sites i chat in. not many 360 gamers are excited or anxious to play SE's titles. they are more excited at the fact that Sony isn't getting these titles exclusive from SE anymore.

but many have said they aren't that interested in playing them unless some really good reviews come out after the fact.

Quite a few sony gamers have shown disinterest in SE titles due to their lack of either loyalty or fairness (if your going to be multiplatform where is star ocean for ps3?) so a lot of sony gamers are claiming they wont buy square games.

even if both 360 and ps3 gamers come around and after a while buy the games based on good reviews and word of mouth.

its very likely that SE will over shoot their projected sales. which hurts their stock and profit and image.

for instance lets say they currently (made up number) expect 2 million sales on the 360 and 1 million on the ps3. if people are pissed and/or dont care about jrpg's as much as square thinks North Americans do. their sales maybe more like pushing 1 million on the 360 and barely just over 500k on the ps3.

of course i'm only guessing for north america i cant speak for japan.

and also this is just my theory.

How humble and realistic are SE's expectations in north america?

expecting that your core fan base will continue to buy your games is one thing. expanding is another. expecting halo 3/gta4/metal gear solid 4 like success is another.

La Chance3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

you realise that the number of people who are pissed with Square is a COMPLETELY unsignificant minority of gamers.They are the ultra hardcore more fanboy than gamer community.Square couldnt care less about them.They are such a minority they dont even have an impact on sales.The DMC4 boycott or whatever it was from PS3 ultra hardcore fanboys (not the regualar ones) had no impact whatsover

Contrarily to what youre saying alot of 360 gamers do care alot of FF 13 coming.FF13 will sell at least double what LO will sell in 12 months (only ben out 6 months) thanx to the name alone , now add the bigger install base , crazy marketing and you got a huge hit for the 360.

Lets not even talk about the PS3 , old PS franchize and former killer exclusive ,I bet it will be one the best selling PS3 games in its history like FF10 was for the PS2 , no doubt.Its FF ! Its not just any rpg !

Expect FF to sell something like 6,7 or even 8 million.FF10 alone sold 8 million and it was on one platform only and the first FF every gen is always the one that sells by far the most (check FF7 and 10)

I think Square can be confident for next year.

deanobi3786d ago

i have no doubt in my mind square Enix will create great games..

my only worry is sustainability...

cellfluid3786d ago

Squares future is deffinetaly questionable as far as trust wise.. Share holders need to take a more cautious approach before sealing any deals.....

deanobi3786d ago

hmmm still i think square Enix are doing quite well, so many games on so many platforms

generally the gamers at heart

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