Eurogamer: DC Universe Online Preview

Eurogamer writes: "With great power comes great responsibility, as a certain superhero once learned. The same can be said of a great licence. There's always a chance you'll bungle it, produce something that appeals to neither fans of the IP nor the gaming genre, and spend the next five years apologising for your mistakes.

Sony Online Entertainment learned that lesson with Star Wars Galaxies, but that hasn't stopped the publisher taking on another high profile licence and turning it into an MMO. And this time, there are arguably even greater risks attached. To begin with, DC Universe Online is in development for PlayStation 3 as well as PC. So there's the issue of how you make an MMO work on a console, and of designing a control system that works for both platforms. You have to strike the right balance between tactical gameplay and fast-paced action. And you have to answer the question of whether console gamers even want to play MMOs in the first place."

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