Eurogamer Preview: Halo Wars

Tom Bramwell reports:

''Microsoft's getting pretty good at not announcing Halo games. Not only did it not announce a new Bungie one at E3, but within the very same conference it managed to overlook Halo Wars completely. Given that Ensemble Studios' ambitious spin-off strategy game for Xbox 360 was announced in 2006, that raises serious questions about how long we'll have to wait to play it.

Ensemble was dodging those at E3, but despite the conference no-show it was actually demonstrating Halo Wars in a room upstairs, and even letting people like us sit down and play it, giving us our first chance to see how Microsoft's professed intent to "explore, not exploit" the Halo universe is unfolding in practical terms.''

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"Halo Wars' biggest challenge, though, is being the first excellent console RTS game "

I rate LOTR BFME2 as being a 5/5 game definitely.

C&C3 tib wars is more of a 4/5 imo.

Still looks nice what with all units having a secondary attack option.

Gonna have to be good though cause ive got alot riding on Red Alert3 come November.........

Xi3753d ago

Other RTS games, and specifically the ones you mentioned are also great PC rts games first and foremost. Halo wars has the challenge of being the first console FPS designed for the console to be great.

It's job is to popularize the rts on consoles as much as it is to be first, and so far it looks to be doing the job well.