Mortal Kombat vs The World writes: "You know, there used to be a time when video game franchises respected each other's boundaries. Mario and his cronies stuck to the hoods of the Mushroom Kingdom, while Sonic's crew did their gangster thang on the mean streets of Green Hill Zone. Today, things have changed. Plumbers and hedgehogs run side by side at the Olympic Games; Solid Snake and Donkey Kong trade punches like (Smash) brothers... it's enough to make Shigeru Miyamoto spin in his grave. Or it would be, if he were dead.

Anyhow, the match-up that's really got us hot under the collar is the forthcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. It's not hard to see the appeal in watching Sub Zero and friends getting medieval on the asses of Batman and The Joker - but we think the series can go further. We believe that there is no corner of popular culture that Shao Khan couldn't take on; in fact, there's no corner of anything that the MK boys can't handle. Over the following pages, we'll see how the legendary beat-em-up performs against five opponents that we carefully selected (well, randomly thought up) for your pleasure."

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