Gameinformer: EA Black Box Talks Skate 2

If you missed it, Gameinformer posted their first look and hands-on with Skate 2 yesterday. Today the coverage continues with an interview with gameplay producer for the Skate franchise, Jay Balmer. He gives Gameinformer the lowdown on the new game, working wthin EA on a skateboarding title and more. Gameinformer also found out what has been changed or improved from the previous title.

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Conan9973755d ago

If that what the PS3 version is supposed to look like then it will be a huge improvement over the poor port of the original Skate. I loved the first Skate and I'm really excited for this one.

Rich16313755d ago

I loved the first one too. Is there a speculated release date? Is it next year or sometime this fall? I highly doubt this fall since they haven't shown any gameplay videos.

psman0123755d ago

See here. It is a video I posted on youtube. It is Skate 2 footage: