TurboGrafx on Wii U Needs to Happen

It's no secret that Wii had tons of awesome TurboGrafx titles yet none are available for Wii U. Sure, you can download a few in Japan but we're not as lucky in the west.

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FallenAngel19841081d ago

More important than that, downloadable GBA and DS games need to be playable on 3DS.

1080d ago
bradleejones1080d ago

I was just looking at buying a TG16. Boy have they gone up in price. I would love to see some of the better games on wiiu.

jcnba281080d ago

Imagine if Nintendo released an online store that has every single game from their past instead of trickling out 2 games a week. Some day maybe..

stragomccloud1080d ago

Right???!!!! And none of that crappy SNES Castlevania X.

Smokingunz1079d ago

Thats why u should all keep your wii to play these games