Why Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo should make ultimate console

PS3 Daily Writes:

I know this is going to sound stupid but it is definitely worth a thought or two, sitting here right now we have the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and of course the one we love the most the Sony Playstation 3, now all you fanboys and girls are always slating each console saying this one is better than that one and so forth, well I have a theory to stop all that.

When you sit back and really think about it the Xbox 360 is very good online, the PS3 has Blu-ray and style and last but not least the Nintendo Wii is the best out of them all for interactivity for gameplay. We personally say just as a one off to see what comes of it, is for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to get together, bang their heads together and come up with the ultimate console.

Can you just imagine what the new console would mean for us gamers; damn it would be heaven and of course would stop all the childish bickering that goes on.

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Le-mo3722d ago

One console future = fail.

DaKid3722d ago

The only reason these consoles have these features mentioned in the article is because of competition. If they all joined up, there would be no competition. Without competition these companies would have no reason to improve apon what is already being sold.

IzKyD13313722d ago

you just cant have one console that fits the needs of everyone, and if they magically did make one, it would be too costly

metalhead3722d ago

Each console has a good triat and if you combine those it would make a great console. If your like me and have all consoles that will also be a lot cheaper. And think about it for a second on the same console, you can enjoy Mario, Gears of War, and God of War without shelling money out for 3 different systems. There would be no more console war because the one system would be all we would ever need. The only problem is none of these companies get along with eachother so I dont see this happening anytime soon

Monchichi0253722d ago

Competition breeds innovation and better price points for all consumers!!!

And a BIG LOL on this one! Finally, a topic that all MS, Sony and Nintendo fans can agree on! Maybe there is a chance for World Peace!

SL1M DADDY3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

And I have to ask, does each author that writes this article wake up some morning and think to themselves: "hey, I have this great idea! Why not write an article about a one-console-future where Sony, MS and Nintendo get together and make a single console thus eliminating all sense of competition and making all the fanboys go away!"

Yeah, it sounds silly and sounded sillier the last time I read an article like this... And the time before... And the time before.

These folks need to pull their heads out from their butts and start reading the net and magazines so we don't get a rehash of the same ideas and stories.

No competition = Complacent Manufacturers
No Competition = Lazy Development
No competition = bad for consumers

It can't get any simpler...

504BADBOY3722d ago

they can focus on who make the best games and who will sell the most games

jtucker783722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Maybe the guy will wake up tomorrow and think,
"Hey, maybe I can combine a submarine, a car and an aeroplane to make a vehicle that has the best of all transportation methods."

Underwater travel, driving and flying FTW!!!

Just a thought ... How old is that "journalist"?

juuken3722d ago

I don't know why they can't give it up. -.-

uie4rhig3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

having one console brings only better software, but not as good hardware.. the price point would probably twice the PS3's was (£425/$600/€600), without any improvements to the console etc.. and without competition there wont be a lower price tag until the console is profitable..
on the software side tho, the developers get to concentrate on ONE console, which means better quality and extracting more juice out of the console, while there will still be competition from other games companies (for the dumb ones thats e.g. EA/Activision/Ubisoft etc)

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PistolPumptMonk3722d ago

Wow, dumb.

Ultimate Console = no competition = lazy devs and lazy companies = companies happy, fans pissed.

This is like suggesting that EA buys every developer and publisher.


TornRaptor3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I would be happy for one console. Graphics are fine today in my opinion. To suggest that Dev's will become lazy is nonsense, they still have to compete amongst each other to get your cash to buy there games. Games would in theory be better also, developing for one console instead of 3 would create games like GOW, MGS, Killzone 2 and other exclusive that look good because they were tailor made for ONE machine.
Instead of spending the additional money on multi platform development the savings in costs could go to just making a better game in general.
Oh and one more thing, it would be the end of the blight of gaming known as the fanboy, and I would have thought this is the greatest reason of all to just have one and only one console.
One console FTW
Of coarse the Disagrees are sure to flood this post, I understand why also. I guess i just have a more optimistic idea on what the future of a one console world could be like.

The Wood3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

the console fanboys will just turn into component fanboys i.e 'Sony's blu ray drive made this game possible' vs 'Nintendo's motion control made this possible' vs 'MS online input made this game possible' or something dumb like that. Fanboys can find any and everything to latch onto and bicker about.

So yes you are an optimist.

A monopoly's in most industries are usually bad for the consumer in one way or the other. Too much power and so little reason to innovate and create

TornRaptor3722d ago

True i see your point.
I can't think of a single monopoly that has been of any significant benefit to anyone but shareholders and such.

PistolPumptMonk3722d ago

Yeah TornRaptor, next you'll be wishing for Microsoft and Apple to get married. Wake up.

One console means LAZY first party devs because they are making money from the console and they don't have to work hard to promote their system. They can just leech off of the success of everyone else.

For instance, I myself am a fan of Madden but many people do not like it and feel that it does not change enough from year to year. Would Madden be a better game now if NFL 2K was still in existence? Very likely and I believe it would, but we will never know.

One console would have the same effect. Mediocrity would be amazing to us because we would know no different.

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TOSgamer3722d ago

is either a moron or too young to know about business.

vdesai3722d ago

Madden. I bet the author has bought madden for his whole life.

Xi3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Different strokes for different folks. Without even getting into the games saturation and competetion aspect of why this is a bad idea, you begin to get a problem with the type of gamer who would buy this new console.

Hardcore gamers wouldn't buy it because they perfer the mouse/keyboard or gamepad method to playing games, they don't want wii like interactivity when playing games like Halo, Resistance, mgs, gears, etc. They need the responsiveness of a analog control.

Casual gamers aren't a group that cares a lot about the hardcore games, those that require a minor dedication of time to master, they just want something fun at a cheaper price, and something that can be quickly picked up and played. They also have less of an interest on the onine and competative components featured on a PS3 or 360.

Tech junkies would always want the best in hardware, which means the price would be high, pushing away the teen and wii markets that don't have the money to spend.

What you're left with is the group of people that have all 3 consoles already, making a 3 in 1 system pointless.

TornRaptor3722d ago

I would have thought as a Industry that is out of it's infancy that we as educated gamers would be to smart to fall into the traps that hit the gaming market in the early eighties. After all we do have more than a few dozen gaming websites and magazines to warn us away from crap games eg: Jumper.

chrisnick3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

im getting tired of this...its not going to happen (it at least shouldn't). i mean think about it, who makes what amount of the profit made?...who takes the deficit when things go awry?..yeah yeah i know "they could split it up evenly" but just building the thing would be dumb enough...sure the games list would be phenomenal but pure architectural design and hardware possibilities, although endless, would always be a fight. each company has specific ideas and different directions they want to go in...there's no point in creating an idea and having 2 other companies profit off of it especially because most likely they would only split profit based on console sales in which case...the person with the most 1st party developers makes the most would be sh!t outta luck and makes sense the way it is now...i make a console and i make money off of my own...put ur games on it if u want, but when a console is sold i make all the money from it..and i also take the blame when somethings it price,crappy graphics or stupid failure rate.....besides since when do fanboys make for less sales?

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