PlayStation 4 Last of Us Remastered Bundle + LG 43LF5400 43-inch 1080p HDTV

A PS4 + HDTV combo deal if you're actually looking for a new TV. PS4 bundle is worth $350 while the HDTV is also worth around $350. This deal saves you about $100.

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SpaceRanger1164d ago

Now this is what I call a deal!

Top brand LG TV, the top console with the most defining, & most awarded single player game! Don't think any bundle comes close to this in quality IMO.

Eidolon1164d ago

Well to be fair, the game is under $15 for digital copy, and there is deals monetarily under $350 with the new PS4 model + game, giftcard or etc.

Josuey1163d ago

The Last of Us is not a single player only game and the multiplayer is equally as good.

FallenAngel19841164d ago

If this deal were $500 like that previous X1 + HDTV bundle, I'd definitely hop on this offer

Xavior_Reigns1164d ago


MS go big and get that 50in Samsung damn it.

GNCFLYER1164d ago

Why does it say 1080p TV?

Do they still make 720p only?

callahan091164d ago

They make 4k TVs now. So you still need define the resolution of the TV as long as every TV on the market isn't the same.