GameTrailers TV to Give Details on GTA IV DLC

GameTrailers TV and Spike TV have announced that they will be interviewing Michael Hollick, the voice of Niko Bellic, in an upcoming episode of GameTrailers TV. During this interview, they will be talking about the upcoming downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Lifendz3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I packed my bags and moved out of Liberty City a long time ago. I'm planning to spend some time in Rapture later on this year and possibly see what I can create in LBP.

And I'm not trying to be condescending. I really do hope the DLC is worth it. But, as most of you point out when talking about delays, does it not concern you that nothing has been shown or really outlined as to what the DLC is? I'm not talking rumors or things like that.

Guess I'll pay attention to Game Trailers to see what it is. Anything less than a new environment won't be worth it IMO.

rroded3753d ago

lets hope those SA rumors r true for the guys that got this on the 360 if its only a few missions its gonna b a rip imo

Le-mo3753d ago

GTA IV was such a letdown.

Truplaya3753d ago

not for me, i cant wait for this DLC. Hopefully they'll be some mulitplayer stuff in there.

AllroundGamer3753d ago

yeah, to me it was the biggest disappointment of the year - or so called DOTY :p

InMyOpinion3753d ago

Me neither. I think it's way underrated. People and media had so high expectations that it was impossible for Rockstar to deliver on them. The more I play it the more I realise what an awesome game it is. Cops & crooks on the multiplayer is my favorite mode atm.

yoghurt3753d ago

Sold the game on the 3rd day, far to repetitive. Will people care about this now, far too many great games on the way surely

morganfell3753d ago

Remember the interview he gave after the game launched? Nonstop whining about being paid the industry rate.

"I am Eastern Europe Georg Cloney! I only get small yellow limo to record studio and I have to pay? This bad for Mr big time star like me!"

Yeah, I want to hear more whining.

Kratos Spartan3753d ago

Traded COD4 for GTAIV. Played and beat it in two weeks. Boring. Traded it back in for COD4. The worst letdown I can remember in my history of playing video games. Unbelievable.

xjxdoggystyyle3753d ago

be let down and traded it in also if i had the ps3 version knowing i wasnt going to get any new DLC

Fishy Fingers3753d ago

No body said the PS3 isnt getting DLC, it's just not getting the "exclusive" content MS paid for.

I say exclusive like that as if GTA goes to the PC that content will no doubt follow.

Rico_Suavez3753d ago

"i would
be let down and traded it in also if i had the ps3 version knowing i wasnt going to get any new DLC"

You do know that this DLC will not be free?

Lifendz3753d ago

As a PS3 owner and, obviously, PS3 GTA player, I'm not let down that PS3 isn't getting the DLC; I'm just not that into GTA anymore.

I'm not as down on it as some are. I enjoyed it and actually beat it. I think I was at 80% too. I'm just done with the game. Even when/if the PS3 version gets DLC I wouldn't bother. Game just doesn't have the staying power to keep me interested.

If the DLC was something like Vice City, then yeah, I think I'd be jealous. But for some extra missions....not a big deal to me.

xjxdoggystyyle3753d ago

but i cant sit and say that this game was horrid/garbage and so other do just bcuz msoft paid for DLC and ps3 cant hold its exclusive games let alone put some money back into its gamin division for its customers to have exclusive...this game is just cool to bash for ps3 users cuz it went multi and then the big DLC is goin to now it "sux"
i myself found this game to be awesome....GREAT story ...i didnt like the online though...but to bash it...and say its horrible is just silly....if the content is anything like the "rumors" ive will be worth the microsoft points ill pay for it

xjxdoggystyyle3753d ago

of course it is only a rumor or what ive read...but the DLC is said to be bigger then vice city etc.not just missions....but as i said thats only rumor and if the DLC is give me reason to fire up and go through gta again

Lifendz3753d ago

Rumors are always proven false around here. And you're hyping it up for something really substantial (like a new environment) but what if it's just some new missions. Maybe a new character to interact with. Is that worth it to you? Maybe if you're a GTA IV fan but I think it would take Vice City to bring the majority of GTA IV players back and to make the PS3 crowd jealous.

You see the posts here. A lot of people here don't even care about GTA IV let alone the DLC.

Rico_Suavez3753d ago

By the time the DLC comes out, there will be games such as Gears 2, Fable 2, Banjo, and other 3rd party titles. And your telling me you are going to be buying DLC for GTA4??

elitewh0re3752d ago

"but what if it's just some new missions. Maybe a new character to interact with. Is that worth it to you?"

riiiiiiight because it's taken several monthes and $50 million to create a new character and new fetch and deliver missions...

masterprince1013752d ago

see but when you even think about it in terms of rumors.... as big as vice city means what big an island as vice city...or as big amount of content as vice city

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