The Eye of Judgement World Championships Begin Next Week

Playstation blog: As you may have seen last week via the The Eye of Judgment Official Sites, we announced the EOJ World Championships beginning August 14th. The winner has the amazing opportunity to get their image on an in-game card as well as compete with Watanabe-san from the Japan studio.

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lodossrage3575d ago

I'm not complaining of course, it just seems like everyone wants to have their tournaments around the same time.

Btw, when is the next booster pack series coming out for this game?

ThatCanadianGuy3575d ago

Is this game fun?? i've seen it around the mall's and game store's.Always wondered if i should pick it up.Is it worth it?

lodossrage3575d ago

If you're the kind of person that

-has no patience-
-has a dislike of card games
-or doesn't like multi player games

then you shouldn't buy it

But if you the kind of person that

-loves card games
-loves playing with friends in card games on and/or offline

Then I suggest you pick this game up. It's well worth the money. It even comes with the playstation Eye, playing board, main deck, and two booster packs along with the game.