Xbox 360 World: Braid Review - The best game on XBLA

Xbox 360 World writes: "Travel back in time and enter a parallel universe and you'll read an Xbox World 360 brave enough to call Braid the best game ever; a land without the likes of Super Mario World, Ocarina of Time, Portal and Fallout 3 all vying for the same spot. It's a world where the platform game never died and a world where ingenuity and ideas curry greater favour than high definition visuals and bigger, louder guns. But that's another place and another, braver XBW. Here and now, we daren't label Braid the best game ever, but it's right up there -alongside Mario, Zelda, Gordon Freeman and the guy from Vault 101. It's up there.

There's a sense that everything in Braid matters; every element is crucial to the whole and not a single facet is wasted. Each world exists under different rules - in one, time moves forwards as you move right and backwards as you head left; in another, time can be slowed around a focal point; another spawns two universes simultaneously, allowing you to solve puzzles using your own parallel universe doppelganger as your co-op buddy."

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kewlkat0073779d ago

For a 2-d game I've never played a game like it.