Videogamer: Bayonetta Preview

Videogamer writes: "This is a completely different game from Devil May Cry," insists producer Yusuke Hashimoto of Platinum Games, via a translator, as Bayonetta dodges, swivels and cartwheels her way through angel-mask wearing monsters. "It is in the same genre, so there may be comparisons made. Devil May Cry is continuously evolving. This is an evolution within that genre but it is a very different game, so it is not a continuation or an answer to Devil May Cry."

I've got to say, I'm not sure I believe Hashimoto-san. Either something has been lost in translation here at SEGA's behind closed doors booth at E3 2008 or Platinum Games has had a change of heart. And that's because, back in May, when Tom saw Bayonetta for the first time, Hideki Kamiya, Devil May Cry's legendary creator, said this:"

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