GameSpy: Champions Online Preview

Brightly-colored spandex and malfunctioning robot cowboys notwithstanding, the most consistent elements in every preview of Champions GameSpy has attended thus far have been the Xbox 360 controllers plugged into the demo PCs. In press materials, Cryptic touts its approach to MMO combat as "genre redefining" -- a blend of MMO and console-action, benefiting as much from the latter's twitchy feedback as the former's strategic elements. The approach seems to work well in practice. Recently, Cryptic held a demo event for Champions Online at its offices in Los Gatos, CA. Today, GameSpy brings you hands-on impressions from that visit.

Control scheme works well, and combat mechanics enable a faster approach to what you find in other MMOs.

Still no word on character advancement, power allocation, and other crucial elements.

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outlawlife3780d ago

i would love a good console mmo...someday...maybe