Warhammer Online confirmed for September 18, pricing set

VG247: Warhammer Online's been confirmed for a September 18 launch by EA.

The publisher also announced that a monthly subscription will cost $14.99, with slight discounts available when signing up for three-month ($13.99 per month) or six-month ($12.99 per month) periods.

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Bolts3755d ago

The open beta will be the judge and/or jury for this game. With a street date of Sept 18th they don't have a lot of time. I'm preparing for the worst.

dachiefsman3755d ago

Yea I am still pissed I haven't received my beta code yet. I put mine in at the beginning of last year.

shikwan3755d ago

$14.99 per month....for 1 game?? That's outrageous! Don't they know the PSN is free??!!

metallbizkit3755d ago

It is an MMO... that is the pricing norm for a game like this.

dachiefsman3755d ago

lmao. you really don't know how to read or don't know anything about this game.

Motion3755d ago

Also of which has absolutely no relevance to this game.

$15 a month is completely standard for a p2p mmorpg. I don't see what you're so up in arms about.

shikwan3755d ago

But I was merely repeating the Sony Fanboy rhetoric that usually goes on here - sarcastically. I've been on XBL since the beta days and I actually have two Gold accounts so I know and undersatnd about MMOs...I'm just not into 'em out of fear they would consume my life.

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TornRaptor3755d ago

The game is shaping up nicely, all characters i feel are balanced and fun to play as.

Montrealien3754d ago

I will definitely be buying and trying this out, but it will need to be really damn good to pull me away from wow.