Buzz! Quiz TV Patched

Sixthaxis writes,"Some people are reporting that the Buzz! Quiz TV patch which incorporates trophies into the game has been released. As with most other PS3 games, it should prompt you to update when you start the game up. Happy trophy farming!"

Check out the Trophy list through the link...

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whoelse3730d ago

Now the Trophies are becoming a bigger part of the PS3 experience.

4 games now with support

Rama262853730d ago

Yep, I just downloaded the patch and it is indeed trophies! Pretty simple trophies too :)

I'm happy, I'll start playing this more often now....

Forbidden_Darkness3730d ago

Damn, im thinking about buying it now!

PirateThom3730d ago

Ha, now unlike Eden or even Uncharted, this is one for Trophie Whores, nothing too difficult, if you're smart! :P

Prismo_Fillusion3730d ago

Really? :/
Not too interested in this game, but I want the trophies. Maybe a rental!

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The story is too old to be commented.