IncGamers: Pete Hines Fallout 3 Interview

Last week IncGamers attended a preview event in London checking out the up and coming title, Fallout 3.

Speaking to a cornered Pete Hines, vice president of public relations and marketing at Bethesda, and more importantly, the product manager for Fallout 3, they attacked him with a list of questions...

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syrinx3756d ago

Nice interview, and man I am looking forward to this :)

Wuushu3756d ago

Can't wait for this one... thanks for the interview link :)

Leord3756d ago

I can't really believe there are still games without seamless worlds. I guess the 3D stuff has to load, but we surely should have good enough PCs by now to let that load while we get closer to a "load point"...

Comment related to one of the interview questions =P