Sega Q1 2009 Results: Valkyria bombs in Japan, Iron Man soars everywhere else

VG247: Sega has posted its latest quarterly results, and things aren't looking so hot for the house that Sonic built.

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B-Rein3753d ago

ALL i gotta say is I CANT WAUT for VALKIRYA CHRONICLES that game looks aweosme loove the style of graphics

NO_PUDding3753d ago


I'll buy it especially if it doesn't sell well. Then when everyone realises it's great, it will be collectible.

La Chance3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

if Japan isnt waiting for JRPGS to get the PS3 then what are they waiting for then ?

Well , If Valkyria can pull off a LO , that means all the sales in USA and EU then it will be ok otherwise...

Safe to say Japan isnt interested in Next gen.

socomnick3753d ago

La chance I think its because Valkyria isn't really a jrpg its a Srpg. Basically a Japanese rts kinda. Not my cup of tea and apparently the Japanese don't like it either. Then again you would think with the ps3 being so rpg starved they would buy anything they could get their hands on.

La Chance3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

you. But guess what ?

I said exactly the same thing as you a couple of days ago to some guy who was saying that Valkyria alone is better and will perform better than all 360 jrpgs combined...

I said exactly the same thing you said and I got something like minimum 20 disagrees.

This site is so much in denial when you dont say something positive about their console its crazy.At least now they got the truth.

RealityCheck3753d ago

Just to put things in perspective, Valkyria so far sold about 0.14M in Japan out of about 2M PS3 in that region, that's about 1 in 15. Lost Odyssey worldwide sold about 0.77M out of about 20M X360, that's about 1 in 26. So for those saying Valkyria is a flop, than you have to say Lost Odyssey is a flop too.

I rather say that it sold well for a new IP.

PS360WII3753d ago

It might have something to do with the characters as well. I'm still looking forward to it but with it being tanks, platoons, rifle men, and what not vs the knight, mage, archer, and such it's just not the same in terms of characters.

Art style alone is what's making me want this game

shine13963753d ago

@la chance....somehow I find that hard to believe...

La Chance3753d ago

never said LO was flop,on the contrary , you are the guys who were saying it was a flop.

Enigma_20993753d ago

I believe you got all the disagrees because you're a blatant 360 funboy, and took the opportunity to kick PS3 owneres when they're down.

Iron Man outselling Chronicles... I don't trust this tory...

deeznuts3753d ago

I'm getting Valkyrie.

For those criticizing it for its sales, step back for a moment. For every criticism of Valkyrie for sales, you are also praising Ironman the game, since it sold well. Not sure as a gamer you want to do that

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Omega43753d ago

Wow an RPG bombed in Japan of all places, and a PS3 one at that.

Alexander Roy3753d ago

I can't believe so many bought that crapfest Iron Man.
Sucks for Valkyria Chronicles, but I'm a little more optimistic about it's sales in the US and Europe. Call it a hunch, I might be wrong with that.

Dream Machine3753d ago

Wow, thats a surprise. I agree that it'll do better in Europe as we have a reputation for liking us some SRPG games, not too sure about America.

Ugh I hate when something innovative doesn't sell well, because thats when we get the same game over and over again and then ask why.

Prismo_Fillusion3753d ago

I give up trying to figure out how Japanese gamers decide which games to buy.

LiquifiedArt3753d ago

Just like all eastern nations. Korea, Japan, etc.. Its called "Group Mentality". Very very VERY Group minded. Where as Euros and america's are more independent thinkers. This is my opinion from what i've witness at my job for the past several years.

Well it looks fun and unique. I'm gonna try it out. If it had trophies it woulda been that much better, seeing as how I'm already overwhelmed with games its becoming wasteful now. Its acutally bothering me. And the list continues to grow. MS2, R2, LBP, WKS, KZ2, SOCOM, etc.. i could keep going on. ugh i wish i was a kid.

kewlkat0073753d ago

I doubt it well do that well here in the states....

Remember people regardless of how great some Jrpgs are.

Final Fantasy is what sells very well worldwide. I've been enjoying some good Jrpgs on the 360 though.

Sarick3753d ago

People tend to forget the entertainment value of a game is more then it's eye candy and the type of game it is.

Most of the time a good game is popular more because it's entertaining to play and watch.

You can put out an action, adventure, RPG, FPS or a platformer.

As long as it's fun and had a good story behind it a lot of people who are into that will by it for that entertainment value.

Some games don't need stories like tetris or puzzle games. Big immersive stories draw me in the most though.

To bad these are a dying breed and headed more towards action adventure RPGS or FPS's.

kewlkat0073753d ago

...some just care about graphics. I don't care how good the game looks, if them 2 ingredients are not on par then I'll get bored and drag myself to finish it.

I have yet to finish FF12, that story got boring. Not the best FF.

La Chance3753d ago

dont bother finishing FF12.
Easily one of the most boring "big" jrpg to hit the PS2.

I agree with you.In a Jrpg the first thibg that counts for me is the story.FF 12 had everything except for an interisting story and it was a failure to me.

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