Rumor: Microsoft Paid For Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Exclusivity Breach?

Kotaku - "There's apparently a big feature article in the upcoming issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu that talks Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII and all that jazz. While scans haven't hit the internet yet, we've heard from several trusted insiders who have seen the yet-unreleased issue. It mentions that FFXIII is going to be out in Japan by next summer and in Europe/USA on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by the end of 2009 - which pretty much what we already know.

Here's the juicy bit: According to the Famitsu piece, Microsoft is footing the bill for Square Enix's FFXIII breach of PS3 exclusivity contract. No idea how much money that entails or the exact deal Microsoft worked out with Square Enix, but the fact there is not Xbox 360 version announced for Japan is telling. Square Enix does state how porting the game to the Xbox 360 should be easy.

More interesting tidbits: It's apparently hard to tell which looks better: Star Ocean 4 or Final Fantasy XIII. Also, the company plans to focus more on PSP game development from now on. File this as rumor until proper scans surface."

Once again, this is a rumor and not yet confirmed.

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el_bandito3781d ago

Lol, they keep on showing how greedy MS is. But in the end, if the 360 version messes up, it's all SE's fault for being greedy too. It's all about the $ baby.

v1c1ous3781d ago

excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.

so...aren't you being greedy by wanting to keep a game only for your console of choice?

CrazzyMan3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

v1c1ous, wish to get BEST quality game =/= greedy.

multiplatform games does not match quality of EXCLUSIVES on ps3.

EDIT: NEXTGEN experience, you would know, if you`ve played Uncharted or MGS4.

And what the point of PC power(graphics), if it`s not getting Quality games like FFXIII, GT5, Ratchet, Naruto:Storm, and etc.

Coheno3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Wauw yeah that's a big suprise...and a totally new move from M$!!!

This isn't rumor, more like fact....

v1c1ous3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

is it graphics? because PC beats anyone there.

is it fun? immersive gameplay? worthwhile experience? then it's all subjective and all consoles do not have a monopoly on those aspects.


NO_PUDding3781d ago


They may want to think it's debunked, but if this was Squares decision then the 360 port wouldn't hold back the PS3 version.

It's fact.

fermcr3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

How old are most of the people in this site... the behave like 10 or 11. Very ignorant and blind people in this site.

Are you people that igorant to believe that only microsoft pays for exclusives. Don't you think Sony pays for exclusives. Every company pays for exclusives.

Witch software company in their right mind, do a exclusive game to one console, knowing that a multiplatform game would give them more money. Another thing is that making a game for the playstation costs more (harder to program) then a game for xbox or PC... and like it or not, a big game sells more on the xbox then the playstation. It's cheaper to make a xbox game then a PS3 game.

If you where the head of a software company, would you do a exclusive game for a console or a multiplatform game?

Legion3781d ago

"PS3 exclusivity contract"...? Sorry but no such contract existed between PS3 and Square Enix.

Was money given to Square Enix, don't know, don't care. But to label MS as paying to break a contract that never existed is once again just false headlining.

La Chance3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Star Ocean 4 looks better than FF13.........

Well , it'll just be another exclusive that looks better
than a multiplat.

And MSFT paying for FF13 isnt greedy its business.But I have to admit if its gets delayed for PS3 because of 360...

Anyway alot of people seem to forget that Sony paid for Haze.Remember it was supposed to come out in 2007 to give the PS3 a decent lineup for that year.Dont bring in the fake argument "They wanted to use the power of the cell" because we all saw that that was just an excuse...

Really why cancel a FPS on 360 and PC (geez , even Turok was a hit on 360) the 2 "official" fps platforms to bring it to PS3 who back in the day (supposed to come out in 2007) still had a poor attach rate and very small install base ?

sumfood4u3781d ago

Damm shame how money makes the diffrences,in Release dates. For all the 360 players who wanted FFXIII you finally got it an we have to wait for your version to complete since PS3 is already complete. Other Words please don't complain if your not feeling FFXIII blame M$ for 1st Screwing PS3 owners, than for making a game you may not be happy with! I love FFXIII an look forwards to Versus on my PS3.

Bangladesh3781d ago

You're right ferm. Anyone that believes 3rd parties aren't paid for exclusivety is a retard. 3rd parties aren't going to miss out on millions out of the kindness of their hearts.

beavis4play3781d ago

what a surprise.
a story being confirmed or debunked by kotaku doesn't mean squat.

mikeslemonade3781d ago

Square Enix has been working FFXIII for a few years now and suddenly they are making a xbox version at E3. Obviously Microsoft game studios payed for it. And also the other 4 rpgs they payed for too. There is noway any of those rpgs would go to the 360 and 1 or 2 them are exclusive, so there was money in it and if you don't believe it then your a child.

juuken3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

No sh*t they paid for it.

Greedy bastards can't even come up with their own IP's so they have take 3rd party exclusives.

That makes sense.

But fermcr, even if Sony paid for exclusivity, I'm sure they didn't do it to destroy the other competition. Microsoft is set on destroying Sony and when they're done with Sony (if they do managed to destroy them), they will destroy Nintendo next.

Microsoft cares nothing about competition. They only care about dominance in the gaming industry. Even if kotaku debunked this, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be true.

That's how Microsoft rules the computer industry-through monopolies, money, and bully tactics.

And that's why I cannot stand them.

EDIT: But is this a clean business DaKid? Is it a clean business? Business can be just as dirty as money. I'm sorry but I see Microsoft trying to gain the whole pie. Competition? They don't care about competition.

DaKid3781d ago

Microsoft may have paid for FFXIII, but Square Enix are the ones that accepted the offer, or even came to them with the deal we don't know yet. anyways what you are seeing is competition, This is how it plays out, while you might see it as unfair, this is business. These companies Sony, Microsoft,and nintendo are out to get the biggest market share they can. The bigger the market share the more they make, just remember that.

At this point in the game I don't see any company driving the other out of business. They are all very diverse, and very large. This competition is benefiting us as gamers anyways.

v1c1ous3781d ago

hey genius.

famitsu magazine came out.

no such rumor was in print.

thus rumor has been debunked.

this article is garbage.

you need to read articles before responding.

marinelife93781d ago

I don't really blame Square Enix. If any of us were going to get paid 50 Million for making a game for PS3. And Microsoft offers us 50 Million for bringing it to the 360. And we'd make another 50 Million selling the 360 copies. Every single one of us would do the smart thing.

One idea three times the pay. Our shareholders would be pissed if we didn't. I don't agree but I understand.

Hellraizer3781d ago

"Greedy bastards can't even come up with their own IP's so they have take 3rd party exclusives. "

Omg juuken thanks for the big laugh. Anyone remember FFVII. Or Metal Gear? Yeah they all were born on the PS right, and FF started officially with VII.

Again thanks for the lulz.

juuken3781d ago

Yeah, I love providing teh lulz Hellraizer.
Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, LUUUUULZ.

Cute comment, I'll give you that.

Montrealien3781d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

(Anyone remember FFVII. Or Metal Gear? Yeah they all were born on the PS right, and FF started officially with VII.)

speaking of providing laughs, unless that was some kind of sarcasm.

CrazedFiend3780d ago

Should this be filed under "rumor" or "common sense"?

Lew_Ijgee3780d ago

If Microsoft is covering the contract breach fees then it would not be financially wise to pay for the Japan contract breach because the 360 isn't doing well enough in Japan.

If this is all true, how much is Microsoft paying for this? I'm sure its a hell of a lot more than the rumored GTA pay-off.

$100 mill + ??? (How many first party studios can you start up with that kind of money?)

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

They can focus on the PSP all they want, since they are such money hungry disloyalists, they wont need my money to buy their PSP games, thank you modded psp

vdesai3780d ago

Star Ocean 4 is not a exclusive its a timed exclusive.

Tarasque3780d ago

And you are also not getting sonys balls out of your mouth either, thats beside the point. Who cares if MS paid 5 trillion dollars for it, not your money so dont worry about it. It is still coming to your beloved console so STFU.

IaMs123780d ago

again another person defining best games through graphics wise... if so PC is next gen with crysis and has all the best... graphics are like icing on the cake it may look good but not taste very good.. not saying uncharted and MGS is not fun... they are :)

CrazzyMan3780d ago

If you people would have played Uncharted and MGS4, you would know, that it`s not only about graphics. It`s totally another experience, that PS3 exclusives provide.

godofthunder103780d ago

I'm not a fanboy of any system.i think that they are both good system but i can't stand it when i read an article written by an american that says that they hope sony beats microsoft and make them shut's a stupid remark to make and it will never happen but if it does it will have million of people out of work.

The most ridiculious thing that i've ever heard was that microsoft is the only one that buys exclusives and sony don't.The people that belive this are just ps3 fanboys that belive every thing that sony says.They act like sony never lied to us before.Sony lied so many times when they said that they were showing games that's comeing out and said that it was actual game play but come to find out it was prerendered.

Ps3 fanboys(360 fanboys as well)need to stop acting childish and say stupid things just because they like one system and hate the other.The truth is that their isn't one game developer that will give sony or microsoft an exclusive for free.Some ps3 fanboy claim that sony get free exclusives because the company likes them.The truth is that they don't give a sh*t about sony or microsoft,all they care about is makeing money not loseing money,if they do buisness like that they want be in buisness long.

If ps3 fanboys stop saying sony don't buy exclusives just because they like them and start thinking then they would see it's not true and it's a stupid remark.Ps3 fanboys need to ask their selfs why would a game company give sony an exclusive for free and make let say 10million but if they put them on both system they would make double the amount.They would see it's a stupid remark to make.Sony might not pay all the time the same way that microsoft does but they do pay in other ways.Sony will make agreements with some companies and say that they will pay to make the game if they keep it exclusive to sony and in other ways to.

Buisnesses don't work like ps3 fanboys are claiming they do.They are out to make money for their selfs and stock holders,not sony.If they would give sony exclusives for free they would lose millions of $s and they want be in buisness long.Ps3 fanboys should just stop saying sony get exclusives for free because they know it's not true but say it because it's for the ps3.Ps3 fanboys would be saying the same thing that i'm saying if it was the other way around because it's true.

Ps3 fanboys are not the only fanboys that say stupid things and act childish,360 fanboys do to.Wii owners are the quitest ones that they have.The reason that i'm talking about ps3 fanboys is because of this article and the stupid reason that they give why sony have exclusives.

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power of Green 3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Lets be careful with Kotaku news/rumors, they jump the gun having to adjust their reporting too often.

I heard that Star Ocean 4 rumor before but it was different, insiders saying SO4 looks better than FF13(although I'm sure the textures and vibrance will be better in SO4).

sonarus3781d ago

Anyone with common sense already knows Microsoft paid for it.

Superfragilistic3781d ago

True, but it's the rumour on the financial agreement which is interesting. Instead of paying a "bonus" for the franchise itself, Microsoft is essentially paying damages to Sony on Square's behalf for breaching an exclusivity contract.

3781d ago
DaKid3781d ago

If true this could be intresting. Because If Microsoft only is paying the damages for the contract breach, and not for the game itself. This is telling that maybe Square Enix wanted this game to be Multiplat and went to Microsoft with this deal. because they couldn't foot the bill themselves.

But this is only a rumor for now.

La Chance3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Bubble up.

If MSFT had paid for it like they did for DMC4 (HUGE game in Japan) dont you guys think that it would be coming out in Japan where MSFT needs it most ? MSFT no matter how small the install base still did bundles and stuff for DMC4 , now imagine what they would have done for FF13...especially knowing MSFT is quite "generous" with the japanese.

Square is the one commanding , they seem to be the ones controlling.Just shows that MSFT has no power when it comes to FF13.
If they had paid for it like they did for DMC4 they would be have been in a position of power so the game would be coming out in Japan no matter what.

Bangladesh3781d ago

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With your username and attitude, I think you are in the wrong comment zone.

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Xandet3780d ago

Is this a joke!? This is pretty much basic fact..

AAACE53780d ago

You seem like a level headed individual. Do you ever wonder why PS fanboys seem to think a game going to 360 will somehow degrate the overall quality of a game? I mean...they seem to think that all 50 GB's on a blu-ray are being used for all games on the ps3! Even though for example... Heavenly sword used 10 gb's just for it's sound. Which to me seems strange for a game that is said to be unusually short. It seems like they just wanted to use as much of the 50Gb's they could.

OK. let's just say that square enix only intended for FFXIII to only use 33Gb's. That would not hurt the Ps3 at all, and the 360 would have 4 disc like lost odyssey. What do you think?

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pwnsause3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

oh please kotaku, as if you never knew about such a thing, just like the bribery of DMC4, Just like the bribery of AC6, Just like the bribery of GTAIV, etc.. M$ even stated that they want to be the bootleg version of playstation

power of Green 3781d ago

Calm down of course MSFT payed something(region deals or same day release deals/fee's.)

SE still wants to compete with other global Japanese companies and others. SE has been saying this since forever, why did you guys ignor 360 fans(me too) when we were posting links of SE comments and comming to this conclusion?.

Tarasque3780d ago

This coming from someone who has a Snake avatar...(wink)....right!!!!!! !!!!

pwnsause3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

i may have a snake avatar (HUGE FAN OF MGS), but it doesn't mean i say BS. remember the $50 million dollars that MS payed to Rockstar, you tend to forget this, do you? if you think im stating BS, why dont you search thru the Bowels of the internet to get this news. did you forget that MS said they have a Board on what games they want to steal from the PS3???? ROFL.

Alexander Roy3781d ago

Tell me something I don't know.

hendyman3781d ago

They pay for exclusive and they pay to be competitive to sony guys obviously.