WTF: GameDaily Calls LittleBigPlanet "Glorified Version of PowerPoint"

From Ripten
"GameDaily recently wrote up a list of ten games that they believe will "probably suck." Their argument as to why LittleBigPlanet will "probably suck" starts with them calling it a "glorified version of PowerPoint" and adding that they foresee "tons of crap content.""

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ThatCanadianGuy3781d ago

Glad im not the only one who thinks Gamedaily is an Epic Fail of a site.

Nostradavis3781d ago

its like they never played the damn game.

FAQS3781d ago

A: No man you're not alone! Gamedaily is now confirmed an EPIC Piece of Sh#t site!

Atomic3781d ago

those guys are the Fox news of game journalism , but without the influence.

theKiller3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

wrong title it must be like this

the xbots taking over GameDaily Calls LittleBigPlanet "Glorified Version of PowerPoint"

by the way how can u stop these stories from being posted?? i mean what a bullsh*t title is that???

tomfoolery3781d ago

It's gonna lick balls and you Sony ferries know it!
You guys like to lick nuts though,so you should feel pretty comfortable
with this POS Sony has been waving in yer faces like a pecker in a porn stars face.

Playstation Man3780d ago

They are teh suck. Ripten even confirms it! lol.

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Egzekutor3781d ago

Gamedaily = Epic Fail

Leave them alone and allow them to play PowerPoint when LBP comes out.
Im going to be playing LBP :)

RawPowah3780d ago

Ok seriously though Solid Snake Sackboy=OMFG GIMME

Sandwich Bender3781d ago

I am so excited about the new Powerpoint. Office 2009 FTW!!!

RawPowah3780d ago

Ripten just slaughtered GameDaily!

pwnsause3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Gamedaily= MGS4 8/10 because glass bottles are not realistic. can we take such a site seriously?

Seriously was I the only one that felt that they are dumb especially after I played thru MGS4 from beginning to end witnessing a graphical powerhouse and one of the greatest stories ever told?

Was I the only one that felt that this site gave such a score to MGS4 because the game did not appeared in their console of choice?

Was i the only one that was in shock when they said the XBOX 360 is the greatest console ever made?? in my opinion I thought that the greatest console ever made was the dreamcast/PS1 and the SNES in a tie. Not faulty outdated hardware.

cahill3781d ago

However NG2 got bad scores from many websites and averaged at 81% at metacritic

FAQS3781d ago

Q: MGS4 8/10 and NG2 9/10?
A: This guys are really dumbasses! They are only showing to their readers they are completly biased and completly not to be trusted!...

Kleptic3781d ago

GameDaily is easily the most inconsistant and blatantly retarded site on video gaming...but sadly, because they are so wrong on everything, they get tons of hits...

its great that this Chad Lakkis guy called them out...but his entire posting is as if there are people that actually find GameDaily credible...he could have skipped it and gave GD less recognition...and everyone know that GD still sucks entirely...

pwnsause3781d ago

seriously, shouldnt they be removed off of metacritic?

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PoSTedUP3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

just because of the E3 presentation thing??? well check this... thats just the smallest thing its capable of doing. sounds like some haters. LBP will shine even brighter when its released cause you will find out it does a whole lot more.

btw its my second most anticipated title this year right behind motorstorm2. watch game daily say that motorstorm2 is just your ordinary racer like all the others....HA!

Nostradavis3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

I think the E3 thing was just a guess but still it seems like a pretty good one. From what I read no one else has ever called LBP a Powerpoint presentation. They must have saw that and thought they were being creative.

Game Critics Best of E3 Awards named LittleBigPlanet and Fallout 3 named best of E3. It just so happens that ripten picked both as a tie for their best of E3.

I wonder if Fallout is glorified PowerPoint too?

cahill3781d ago

They gave MGS4 a 8/10 and Ninja gaiden 2 a 9/10??

However check the metacritic scores of both games.
MGS4 -94 , 10/10 from GS,IGN
Ninja gaiden 2 -81 - 8.7 and 8 from Ign, gS
enuff said

BattleAxe3781d ago

I'm glad that Ripten decided to weigh in on this. Shows Gamedaily for who they are.

NO_PUDding3781d ago

Yer, I stopped ready GaemDaily, after Chris Buffa reviewed MGS4, and his reasons for 8/10 were that wine bottles were modelled badly and that glass didn't break properly.

Seriously, those were his reasons. Little deatils didn't come to unify the whole experience. Well I can tell you lots of games where glass doesn't even break.

GameDaily = Blacklist.

el_bandito3781d ago

It doesn't matter. Its just his opinion Even though this writer from Gamedaily insists how shallow the concept of LBP is, the game has yet to be released. Besides, what he's saying is more of a preview which doesn't guarantee anything yet, final reviews matter more.Ultimately, the masses have the final say.

IMO, I don't see anything wrong with letting someone be an architect in his own simplest way; much more, letting others actually check out and feel your own created environments. It is a rare opportunity in gaming where you could actually boast more of your creativity and less of your gaming skills.

Too simple and straightforward the game may seem, yet we won't be surprised if we actually find moments where gaming not need to be that complicated, technical and groundbreaking.

Armyless3781d ago

I had no idea PowerPoint had that much potential! I need to mess with PowerPoint some more cuz I had no idea you could create little sack-boys, build elaborate platforming levels, and publiush them online in a competitive leaderboard!

Lifendz3781d ago

trying to spin the better sales and acclaimed lineup of the PS3 into something else.

LBP was used in a creative way and now that's the only way it can be used? And yeah, a lot of the user created content won't be worth it BUT the 50 levels in the game, the levels made by other devs in the biz, and if there's a way to sort the levels by most popular or Staff Favorites will then there's an easy way to filter out the crap.

BLuKhaos3780d ago

ha ha looking at that pic i could imagine sack boy jumping out the screen and chewing the face off every gamedaily employee.

Willio3780d ago

Before bagging on LBP, i think Xbox360's original arcade games created by their consumers should be targetted for an ample of poor presentations of powerpoint.

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