Let Them Talk

N'Gai tackles the subject of developers who like to have their say in public.

"The 10 People We Hope Will Shut the F*** Up at This Year's E3. I didn't have to read it to predict which developers' names would be on the list – Denis Dyack, David Jaffe, Peter Molyneux – and upon scanning Crispy Gamer's July 10 feature, those names were indeed present, along with Cliff Bleszinski and Kudo Tsunoda."

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Superfragilistic3722d ago

Particularly his reaction to Res 5, but I'm with him on this... I want to hear about games from the guys who make them even when "Bigger, Better and More Badass" is ringing in my ears and giving me a headache!

If you're not interested or don't want to listen, fine, but as he so succinctly puts it:

"But the STFU mentality isn’t designed to foster debate, rather to shut it down... STFU isn’t criticism, it’s attempted intimidation. Why attempt to silence any developer when their words provide an opening for the kind of further inquiry and pointed questions that will generate more fruitful discussions?"

Exactly... and such discussions will only further elevate games as a serious art form worthy of such discussion.

vlazed3722d ago

I say let the games speak for themselves. Most of these developers are mere extensions of the PR department anyway.

SL1M DADDY3722d ago

But that doesn't mean I have to click the link. lol

Sorry, but I still can't get that "bigger, better and more badass" statement out of my head. It would not have been so bad if they would have had 4 player co-op but... Well, you know where this is going.

StarsCream3721d ago a fat douchebag!

Seriously, after the obsurd statements about RE4 that this idiot made, how can anyone with 1/4 of an intelligent thought listen to this ass?

solidt123722d ago

N'gai STFU. No just kidding!

I like what he had to say and I think he is right for the most part. I like hearing developers talk about there games that they are working on because I can usually tell if they are excited about there own game or if they think it is crap by there tone and enthusiasm. Its funny to me. For instance anytime the developer for Little Big Planet is being interviewed you can tell that the interviewer and developer is very excited about this game because they know it is crack, but when they interview the developer of Call of Duty World at War there seems to be a different tone. The developer seems desperate to show how this game is going to be good and the interviewer seems like in the back of his head he is just thinking I'll pass till Call of Duty 6 from Infinity Ward. My point is you can just tell a lot about a game by how the interview goes.