MS Clarifies Final Fantasy XIII Asia Announcement

Yesterday Kotaku brought word that Taiwanese game site GNN Gamer was reporting that Xbox Taiwan head Grace Chou had confirmed the Asia release (Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong) of Final Fantasy XIII. Today, Microsoft Taiwan issued a statement clarifying this, stating: "The announcement of the release of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 at this year's E3 is at the moment still at the planning stage. We don't have any further information regarding the releasing date or the possibility of localization."

Sounds like it was a little too early for Chou to apparently go around and mention the Asia release. Stay tuned for the possible "official" Asia version announcement and consider the Xbox 360 version only North America and Europe for now!

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jamilion3698d ago

what ever this article may be saying, all i know is Microsoft aint clarifying anything for me. Until i hear it from square enix what was said before should still stand true!

RememberThe3573698d ago

MS doesn't have sh*t to do with this game. This Squares game, not theirs. Like you, I'll wait to hear from Square on this sh*t. lol Why the hell are they even commenting on this they're not publishing it, so what the hell?

TOSgamer3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I can just see a bunch of SE reps on one side with a "Risk" type world map and a price attached to each region. MS reps on the other side putting down pieces for the regions they are willing to pay for. haha

Kleptic3697d ago

good comment...MS is using FF related PR just for hysteria...the shine of the announcement quickly fell when SE clarified that the game was not even in development yet, and that a simultaneous release of the 360/PS3 version even in the US and Europe was probably unlikely...let alone that the 360 would even get the game before 2010...

that is some pretty useful information that MS just kind of left out at E3...

ZeroBlitz3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Edit: clicked the wrong Reply button.

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deeznuts3698d ago

Don't worry. Just like John Carmack, S-E is working with MS on royalties for the discs involved. And getting the art approved. Look here:

Masko3698d ago

no matter how many discs, its still coming for the 360 ^_^. i hope it will be as good as ff7.

oh and its still coming to the 360 lol

deeznuts3697d ago

Yeah doesn't bother me, I have both consoles. Kinda pissed that it might delay the PS3 version, but oh well.

Montrealien3697d ago

lol, deeznuts, that`s pretty funny.

I`m getting it for the PS3 myself but at least people that don`t have a PS3 will be able to enjoy this great game, even if it is a on as many discs as FF7 was on the PS1. I don`t think it`s as big a deal as people make it out to be.

ZeroBlitz3697d ago

I think the point people are trying to make is that Lost Odyssey was 4 discs. FFXIII is expected to be bigger game than LO, so a 360 version is presumed to be 5 or 6. Far more than FF7's 3 discs.

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3698d ago
Harry1903698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

in Taiwan? Does it even sell there? I really don't know.

I expect Asian products to fare better in this market.

Rybnik3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

@ turbo: that's LOLS-worthy

mistertwoturbo3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Who knows, there might just be a bootleg version called the Ybox180 for all we know.

Edit: lol yeah, they have a "Vii" there which is a straight no holds bar rip-off of the Wii. So I have no doubt in my mind they have bootleg versions of the Xbox somewhere in there. Although I know Taiwan is completely different from China, I'm just joking here. =)

Rybnik3698d ago

Yeah, I remember hearing the story about the Vii.
Maybe they will come up with a BS2.5 too!

Joking, y'all know I like PS3 :)

el_bandito3698d ago

It somehow exists. In this part of the world, piracy is so rampant especially in the less-endowed Asian countries. Set aside the RROD's, they somehow love the 360 because they could mod it to play pirated games. They could get a PS3 but since it hasn't been cracked to play pirated games, cheapskates would get a 360.

Rybnik3698d ago

Good point...As soon as the PS3 is cracked though, all bets are off.
It would be kind of funny if there were "fake fanboy wars" between each of the 3 pirate ready fake consoles.

AAACE53698d ago

Don't think that asians are so loyal to asian products. Keep in mind that they buy alot of McDonalds like we do here, and they are now fat bowling balls rolling down the streets as well! It took KIA a little while to get respect in the US, but now you see them everywhere!

The lesson here is... Don't underestimate cheap!

The fat joke was not meant to be offensive, but to make people self aware of situations that are overlooked.

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Critical_Hit3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Microsoft! At least give Square Enix some dev kits before you prematurely start announcing releases for the game!

Rybnik3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

So TRUE!! WTF??!

edit: here, *bubbles*

foodbox3697d ago

Hey Toolbox, clearly Square has Xbox 360 Dev Kits.

Have you never heard of Infinite Undiscovery? The Last Remnant?

The White Engine is designed to be cross-platform from the ground-up. Dont be such an idiot.

Clearly SE either A) has the kits or B) doesnt *need* them yet.

There is no issue about them "not being supplied", how easy is it to email some software?

Sheesh, take your stupidity to the open zone please ->

Critical_Hit3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

"Square Enix Waiting On Xbox 360 Dev Kits To Start FFXIII Port"

There you go!

"Have you never heard of Infinite Undiscovery? The Last Remnant?"

-Both games are made by DIFFERENT studios within Square Enix. The studio that is making FFXIII are still waiting for their dev kits.

"The White Engine is designed to be cross-platform from the ground-up. Dont be such an idiot."

-It is called Crystal Tools now and not the White Engine ever since they made the engine cross-platform.

juuken3697d ago

No, they're actually bragging about it because they *stole* yet another PS3 exclusive.

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