Mark Wahlberg Proves Wii Isn't Real Gaming

Ripten writes:

"If ever you needed proof that the Wii is not considered a real gaming system, this may be it"

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dribnif3754d ago

Also, grammar takes a holiday, eh, Marky?

rogimusprime3754d ago

maybe the Wii was missing "good vibrations"

sorry, it's lame...but I couldn't help it.
The funky bunch will never be forgiven.

NO_PUDding3754d ago

It worries me when boobs as an articles picture goes to the Top 3 stories, it worries me even more when it;s some pecs and abs.

What is this world coming to.

thebudgetgamer3753d ago

although 7 out of ten games are shovelware. i like to think of it as gaming for noobs. also i think that even if there was no wii most of the people that buy them wouldn't buy a ps3 or 360 anyways regardless of game lineups or price point. we all know that the casual gamer will go away eventually its happened before. even if only 10% of the casual gamer become "hardcore" gamers that would be good for all gaming

sumfood4u3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Him an his funky bunch better chill out, before he feels the wrath of Gary Coleman Good Vibrations!

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Silogon3754d ago

In other words everything I said right here

Is exactly what they're expressing there. This guy is an idiot and I hope this movie flops. He is the wrong man for the job and he can't act. Steven Webber, as I said, would have made the perfect Max Payne. All there is to it.

Nostradavis3754d ago

I think this marks the first time I have agreed with a one bubbler but, you make a good point.

nintendojunkie283754d ago

I agree that marky mark can't act...but steven webber.....?????.............. seriously man!

humus3753d ago

dudes don't listen to nintendojunkie24 he dont know what he's talkin about

ElementX3754d ago

Now that's my kind of picture

Sandwich Bender3754d ago

Yeah, approved for the picture, will read the article later.

(Just kidding N4G mods)

psycho3603754d ago


I dont think you know elementx is sexual orientation.

ElementX3754d ago

Yes, my orientation came up a few times when I was complaining about the use of "[email protected]" in the threads.

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vlazed3754d ago

My question is how do you get hurt playing the wii?

Nostradavis3754d ago

He was playing the Wii with his daughter (who hopefully doesn't have an addictive personality like him) and she whacked him with the Wii Remote.

linkmaster953754d ago

That means it's his daughter's fault. He hot hurt by his own daugter? How humiliating! This just in: don't play Wii boxing while facing your opponent in real life.

mfwahwah3754d ago

Now where's Jack Thompson... he might have something to say about how the Wii is now dangerous, since it teaches children to beat their parents.

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