The Top 10 Videogame Armor/Bodysuits

If there's one thing that's been established in a video game, it's that you can rarely succeed without donning a full-bodied, hi-tech armored suit of some kind.
And these are the top 10.

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PoSTedUP3579d ago

good list, my only beef with it is.... MGS4 and gears should swap spots cause MGS4 body suit is ALOT BETTER. no big deal though.

Gamekilla3579d ago

i went into the list looking for something wrong, "maybe they forgot samus" or "maybe they won't include octocamo"....but they had pretty much all the ones i was thinking off...

people may have a problem with the order, but everything is there..

PoSTedUP3579d ago

those were the exact two i was thinking of and that was the exact thing i went into the list looking for (something missing) lol.

socomnick3579d ago

:/ serious Snakes suit is just a latex gimp suit. Pretty weak looking. Its skin tight and thats never good on a dude.

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themyk3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

number 2 should have been number 1.
number 3 should have been number 2.
number 3 should have been number 4.
number 6 should have been number 3.

in my opinion.

Polluted3579d ago

I never thought there was a creature under the Big Daddy armour. I just assumed it was a big robot.

3579d ago
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