"Beat it" coming to Guitar Hero World Tour

New Guitar Hero: World Tour tracks confirmed via Stuff Magazine scans at the GH forums.

* Steve Miller Band - "The Joker"
* Interpol - "Obstacle 1"
* The Doors - "Light My Fire"
* Michael Jackson - "Beat It"
* Linkin Park - "In The End"
* Smashing Pumpkins - "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"

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San anto3785d ago

lmao MJ
I love linkin park but in the end isnt the best song for a guitar game.

Milky3784d ago

Oh I need to get GH world tour now. I said to my friend last month, 'I would only get a guitar game if it had Beat It or something like that on it.'

Ice2ms3784d ago

Yeah What Ive Done Or Some numb

Twizlex3784d ago

Other than bass, there's not much guitar in Beat It. They should have it in Rock Band instead so that peoples can sing some MJ and feel totally stupid.

Millah3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Ummm why can't they sing it in GH World Tour instead? It is a full band game like Rock Band now as well...

ThatArtGuy3784d ago

the guitar solo is done by Eddie Van Halen. I think it qualifies.

YogiBear3784d ago

Umm the main riff is bass and guitar.
The bridge and chorus both have guitar.
Eddie Van Halen plays the solo and he plays guitar.

Harry1903784d ago

King of Pop: Jacko. Beat it,just beaatt ittt. I will buy this game now.

Jdash243784d ago

That and The Joker are both great songs to me =]

TheColbertinator3784d ago

Light my Fire and The Joker? Awesome

RecSpec3784d ago

This showdown is about to get ugly.

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