Review: Assault Android Cactus (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "If you like arcade games or twin stick shooters, then stop right now! Yep, you heard me, don't even bother to continue reading past this opening paragraph, because that is wasting time, and I'm sure you would rather be playing an incredibly fun game. You see, Assault Android Cactus is one of those twin stick shooters that arrives every so often and makes itself an example in how to spice up the genre with energizing gameplay and well implemented mechanics. Twin stick shooters can often feel like pet projects to experiment with, due to the genre's openness to simplicity - it makes a good task for new game creators to make something - but playing this game showcases that Witch Beam has done much more, and have a beautiful understanding of what makes the genre tick. Wait! Why are you still looking at these words? I guess you aren't convinced or aren't much of a fan of the genre – let me see if I can change your opinion with the following statement, Assault Android Cactus is likely the best entry in the genre since Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. I know, that is a huge announcement to make, but just hear me out on why I think this game is a bliss to play and should be in everybody's Steam library."

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