GamesRadar: How not to make a video review

The vast majority of gamers agree that Zero Punctuation's fast-talking cat-in-the-hat castigator, Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, has come closest to discovering the lightning-in-a-bottle magic formula for concocting the perfect video review. If you've never heard of him, pour some shame on your face and then go watch what you've been missing.

Zero Punctuation's style is so distinctive that anyone attempting to plagiarise it is instantly called out and subsequently derided for being a big bag of rip off. So how can hopeful DIY video reviewers stand out from the crowd? Obviously GamesRadar doesn't have the answer - if they knew how to make the Next Big Thing in video reviewing they'd be, like, doing it themselves.

However, what they can do is watch from a safe distance and identify how it shouldn't be done. So, for the benefit of budding handy-cam critics everywhere GamesRadar has put together this five point checklist that they hope will provide some priceless pointers for making better video reviews.

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chaostheory3754d ago

There is so much irony in that 4th video, that it is absolutely hilarious.