Ubisoft and Paramount inject Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with Ad-tastic Minigame

Destructoid writes: Let the in-game advertising commence! Ubisoft (aka the EA of Europe) has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to infuse the 360 version of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 gameplay-reliant advertising that will take the shape of an in-game scavenger hunt promoting upcoming movie Tropic Thunder.

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jinn3755d ago

at a time when nobody even plays it anymore

FCOLitsjustagame3755d ago

Its funny. I just started playing this game two weeks ago (and finished it on normal and realistic already so am sort of "done") and saw the Tropic Thunder posters in the Theater section of the game. At first I was like "wow, good timing that I happen to be playing it at the time that movie is coming out". Then it occurred to me the "update" I did for the game probably downloaded the posters and there were probably other posters at the time the game came out.

In this case, however I didnt feel like the advertising interfered with the game, in fact I think it kind of helped pull me further into my suspension of disbelief. I doubt a scavenger hunt would have the same effect however.

In game adds are tricky, they can be done in a way that actually helps the game (for some games) but its tricky and needs to stay in the background. (the Axe stuff in RB6V1 was distracting and not good as an example)