The lobbies of Playstation Home

Siliconera: "As far as the public spaces are concerned, players can communicate directly with others in the lobbies of Home and add people to their friends lists. The lobbies will be game-specific, with third-party developers being responsible for building the surroundings to complement the game experience. Most currently have a 64-occupant cap at any given time to prevent overcrowding. Allowing players to create their own game-specific lobbies, while a future possibility, is not currently planned. Ultimately it will be up to each lobby's architects to decide just how to make their spaces conducive to a worthwhile community-centered gaming experience."

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Bombibomb3758d ago

The graphics look nice.

buckethead_X3758d ago

Especially the water and lighting. I want this so badly. It won't be long now though. I can't wait to display my 10x multiplier in SSHD trophy :D

jamenees3758d ago

Ive been trying for that luck though.

But i am curious how the trophy display area is going to look.

Idonthatejustcreate3758d ago

yeah it looks rly nice!

Who needs the ps3 xmb if we can launch games from home? :S They should have an option that makes you start in home as soon as you power up the ps3.

Lifendz3758d ago

anyone know how the common areas will work? Like the areas where everyone goes to lounge around? Obviously, they can't throw you out there with every PS3 owner in that area or it would be chaos so are you only going to interact with people in your town except when you invite a friend or vice versa?

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Max Power3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

having tv screens with peoples games being played at that moment, go up to a tv and touch it and bam! spectate on that game. or if that is too complex have a computer, or what ever fits that bill for what ever game, and with a list of games currently being played with info about which clans are in it or if there is any openings, or the option to watch (like i said earlier)

Ali_The_Brit3758d ago

Cant wait. people make such a big deal out of it but really its only a year now,the only mistake sony made was announcing it too early

NegativeCreepWA3758d ago

I'm still wondering if there's any voice chat in Home. Anyone know if its confirmed or not?

VaTechfan903758d ago

yes there is voice chat in home watch the video below at about 2:45

NegativeCreepWA3758d ago

Thanks, that's been bugging me for a long time.

RAM MAGNUMS3758d ago

don't forget though, Sony is at a higher standard than other weak consoles.
everybody expected to unwrap the ps3 & find it updated already.
it has been only 1 year & when home hits I might need therapy for
video game addiction. Sony may not come when you call but they are
always on time.
home ftw!

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