Siliconera Preview: Shepherd's Crossing

Siliconera Write: "Running a farm can be hard work, but playing a game about running a farm somehow makes the menial labor entertaining. Shepherd's Crossing is the latest contender in the same genre that games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing belong to.

Shepherd's Crossing lets me play a new inhabitant of a sleepy, farming town. Being a newbie farmer, I'm only given a small plot of land, a sickle, and some grass and pasture to tend to. By cutting the grass and pasture and selling it to the market, I can buy more grass and pasture seeds to plant more grass and pasture. What's the use of that? I can then cut some pasture, wait for it to change into hay, and then sell that for some marmots, which seem to be some kind of rodent. Similarly, once the marmots get mature enough, I can trade them for marmot meat, or cabbage seeds. Through this type of "trading up" system, players get to expand their farm to raise rabbits, hunting dogs, collect honey, farm wheat, and so on."

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