Privacy Experts: Legislation Needed To Curb Video Game Spyware

Computer games are high on wish lists for teens this holiday season.

However, some of those games could be hazardous to your computer and your privacy.

The company that makes the game "Battlefield 2142" is Electronic Arts, a trailblazer in computerized entertainment.

But EA is also blazing a different trail, using this particular game to reach into users' computers.

"It basically said they're going to be using advertising and data on your computer," said computer gamer Ryan Arp.

Arp learned about the company's use of spyware in the game after he opened the package, losing his right to return it...

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MicroGamer4378d ago

They should disclose outside the package that the game contains spyware. Telling you after you open the package and can't return it isn't good enough. I would be raising holy hell in the store that sold it to me and not leave until I got my money back.