Wii Scoring Higher Premiums on eBay than PS3

It seems like the tides have well and truly turned. The Wii is now commanding a higher premium than the PS3 on eBay. Of course, the PS3 is still selling for higher prices, but factor in the console cost, and things are decidedly looking good for Nintendo. As of today 60 gig PS3's seem to be going for around $710-$740, between $100 and $140 over MSRP. That's barely enough to cover sales tax in most states (except for you lucky New Hampshire eBayers). Meanwhile Wii consoles are going for around $435 to $485,a $185-$235 premium. This despite there still being more Wii's hitting stores (and promptly being swallowed up) than PS3's.

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PS360WII4381d ago

How is this a good thing?

ChickeyCantor4381d ago

they want a Wii so badly they give it a high price?

MicroGamer4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

demand for Wii is stronger than PS3, so you can charge a higher premium for Wii than you can with PS3 even though the Wii costs less. So if I can get $500 for a Wii right now, I am doubling my money. To add $250 to a 20gb PS3 increases the price by only like 50% and a 60gb by around 40%. All those people who bought PS3 as an "investment" and hasn't gotten paid yet, is going to end up losing, especially if they bought 4 or 5 of them, and don't think the stores are going to take them back beyond their normal return period either, and some stores even charge a restocking fee. Those guys who imported Japanese machines for sale on ebay are going to really be eating it, though, because it costs like $100 to ship a console from Japan. So if those guys don't get paid soon, they eat the shipping.

super bill4381d ago

hahahaha told you ps3 fanboys that the ps3 is the worse console of the three.even the wii is selling for more money on ebay.

xfrgtr4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

wow,the wii is so cheap compared to the ps3 which has been sold for thousands of dollars ,435 to 485 dol for the wii?hahahaha!!!! so cheap.

NextGen24Gamer4381d ago

Who would have thought that the mighty ps3 would be selling for the regular price it sells for in the stores on Ebay 9 days before christmas. ha ha ha ha ha..... People aren't even trying to make a profit on them anymore...they just want to get rid of them. Thats crazy folks. All the bad press and comparissons are killing the ps3's hype and they aren't even readily available right now. I knew this would happen. And as we speak the hottest selling item for christmas is the xbox 360 according to comcasts TOP 200. WOW. Who would have imagined that? Ps3 selling for its reg price on ebay and the wii is selling for more profit on ebay even though there are more available at the stores and the year old xbox 360 is selling more than handhelds, ipods, digital cameras, the ps3, and the wii. WOW. Sony fans boys are getting exactly what they deserve for the months of trash talking about the xbox 360. Jump In. Its not too late to enjoy the best video game console available....WOW. Thanks Microsoft.

kornbeaner4380d ago

There was a much bigger hype on the 360 because it was the first. so people wanted it bad. and its sad that Alot of people paid 2,000 to 3,000 for a 360 and got ripped off. by either not getting theirs or getting somthing completey different, like a picture.
People weren't about to make to same mistake twice, which is good for them. Even if you bought a wii for 500 and got ripped off it easier to take that loss then 1500 or more. I got 2 PS3. I kept one, sold the second one for $700 + the Wii. I wasn't really trying to make a huge life altering profit like all the dumbasses who bought 5 or more. I hope the guy who got shot in line waiting to buy 5 still has all of his sitting there and he can't do anything with them. Gamers play whatever is good on any system. Lamers buy 5 PS3's to try to make a profit and get burned.
Enjoy your systems Dumbasses all 5 of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.