DS Cracks 2 Million in France Alone

With the Nintendo DS consistently selling in amazing numbers both in the US, Japan and Europe as a whole, the French arm of the company has gone on record with some sales figures. According to Nintendo of France, the DS has now passed two million sales in France alone, which is quite some feat considering the system launched in March 2005 and took until June 2006 to hit its first million!

During the week of 4th-10th December, 150,000 Nintendo DS units were sold. Stephan Bole, General Director of Nintendo France, stated,

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PS360WII4350d ago

They just can't stop selling them huh

eepiccolo4350d ago

Using the word "cracks" in the title just brings up memories of the stories of the hinge cracking on the DS Lites when they first came out. Heh heh.