Far Cry: Primal - Key Features + First Screenshots

Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry: Primal for PC and current-gen consoles, and revealed the game's key features as well as its first screenshots.

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breakpad871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

positive first impression ....i hope the game to be solid

poppinslops870d ago

You're XiSasuke, right?
Remember what happened last time?
Knock it off.

Anyway - if you've ever been to the LeBrea tar pits (LA) you'll have an idea of what to expect, fauna-wise... the old world had giant versions of everything.

Archeologists have only ever pulled one human from the pit and the leading theory is that she was a ritual sacrifice... Fire-worshippers are so passé.

I'd also advise keepiing an eye out for cannibals - they'll eat your babies... your sweet, tender, juicy babies.

UkrainianWarrior870d ago

Yeah, that dude was annoying as hell.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller870d ago

I totally called this already! It totally is. Everything he said had a Sony catchphrase at the end of it

AizenSosuke868d ago

First of all who is XiSasuke? I don't know who he is or what he is about?

poppinslops867d ago

He was the bane of N4G... a Sony fanboy whose retardedly obvious comments could be found on literally every article.

After much outrage (people HATED him) he was banned and never heard from again... until now, maybe?

AizenSosuke864d ago


Thanks but I'm just gamer who respects games while impressed in a god chair by Kurotsuchi or am my.....?

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trywizardo871d ago

Ubi is back on track :D
I hope they're not rushing it for early 2016 release #Bugs_Free please :3

KnownAsEpic871d ago

Far Cry 4 was a solid release

trywizardo871d ago

i won't say it is , or its not ...
but what's up with the dislikes on our comments xD

Septic871d ago

Far Cry 4 was great fun.

8BitSoul871d ago

Apparently you didn't play it on PC... That sh*t was a bugfest of epic proportions! I still get shivers whenever I think about those microstutters that occured like every 5 seconds. They did patch it down the line though (6 months after release to be exact), but you know how Ubisoft are when it comes to PC ports.

Can't say the same for Blood Dragon on consoles though! That game was awesome from day one! :D

starchild870d ago

I played Far Cry 4 on PC and I don't remember having any significant bugs. Looked and played great.

kraenk12870d ago

FC4 ran like a dream on my PC. Must have been your problem.

8BitSoul868d ago

@ starchild and Septic

Did you play it on launch day? Everybody I knew who played the game on PC at launch complained about it. There were several threads on the Ubisoft forums and other sites commited to fixing the microstutter. Post patch it ran without any hickups, sometimes upwards of 90+fps, so it definitely wasn't a hardware problem om my end. It came with my GPU for christ's sake! Wouldn't you expect the game that comes with you brand new GPU to play smoothly? Pre-patch it made no difference wether I played on low or ultra settings. I even tried setting the resolution to 800x600 which didn't make any difference either.

Not to sound rude or anything, but are you sure you know what microstutter is? it's an irregular delay between frames. The framerate can appear as smooth as always, but believe me, you'll notice that stutter every 5 seconds!

Not that it matters now, though. Like I said, it was eventuallt patched. My point was that Ubisoft doesn't exactly have a good track record when it comes to day one pre-patched PC ports.

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Kal0psia871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

Guess you didn't read the article, early release for consoles Feb and March for PC. So probably that's why you're getting dislikes. xD

trywizardo871d ago

but i'm not talking about PC , i'm talking about PS4
FC4 release was good , but other Ubi games were broken and full of glitchs so i hope they're not rushing it , gorgeous game like this need to be great at launch (like witcher 3 launch on consoles)

KTF26871d ago

It's the good thing about using Dunia Engine not AnvilNext

Anthotis871d ago

Holy tits that looks good.

Let's hope that the day one DLC and microtransactions don't taint the game.

spicelicka871d ago

This announcement came out of nowhere!! And it's coming in February what?!!

I freakin love Far cry games, and we already know this will be amazing because Far cry does hunting incredibly well!

UltraNova870d ago

Holy...indeed they are my friend!

nucky64871d ago

meh - i'll wait for horizon: zero dawn.

ThePope871d ago

You can play both you know?

nucky64871d ago

from what I saw in this vid, I don't want to play this game - it doesn't look interesting to me.
and yea, I know I could play both if I wanted to.

KTF26871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

If you don't like it then don't buy it
but don't just throw senseless compressions here and there

Nucler100871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

@ThePope Accidentally hit Disagree, but yeah playing both is the best option lol.

Monolith871d ago


I'm pretty sure that's what they were implying when they stated they'll wait for zero dawn. This game looks good but I think I'll wait aswell

UltraNova870d ago

Yea me too... I'll save my appetite for primitive(ish) protagonists, large creature hunting using pre-historic slash futuristic weapons in an open world jungle/savanna type game for Horizon as well.

Plus, these yearly releases bug me, no matter how drastic the changes are with each iteration. Dunno... maybe its me.

Nivekki870d ago (Edited 870d ago )


I wouldn't put too much stock into Horizon, the only really decent game Guerrilla Games have made was Killzone 2, apart from that their games have been pretty meh.

They're not exactly Naughty Dog level devs so you might want to pull in your expectations.

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KTF26871d ago

Just stop these senseless comparisons
it's totally different game

spicelicka871d ago

So you'll take $1 when the world is offering you $2. Cool cool.

Monolith871d ago

Or maybe people don't need to buy every game that releases every month of the year. I guess you have infinite funds. Try buying all these games with a family.


Awesome! Leaving last gen behind Far Cry! Sorry last gen guys, it's not personal ;)

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