Game Revolution: Soul Calibur IV Review

Game Revolution writes: "Here at GR, we have a tradition of settling disputes with a few beers and a couple of rounds from a classic Pong machine. But every now and then, ol' Pong gets a break and a new game takes center stage. Almost a decade ago, that game was Soul Calibur, an amazing 3D weapons-based fighter that gave people a reason to believe that buying a Dreamcast wasn't such a bad idea after all.

click to enlargeFast forward to the present day, the next generation of gaming, where we find Soul Calibur IV for the 360 and PS3. Both versions are enhanced but some special guests from the Star Wars universe and continues to bring everything to the arena that you would expect from the Soul Calibur series."

+ Fun critical finishes
+ Deep character customization
+ Online play exists
- . . .but it is rather barebones
- Ho-hum Tower mode

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