Best Xbox One Headsets for Game and Chat Sound in 2015

A collection of the best headsets to use for Microsoft's Xbox One console. These headsets were picked based on their performance in both game and chat audio, how comfortable the headset is to wear, the durability of the construction, price, and more.

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ninsigma803d ago

I recommend these ones:

Great headset. Perfect for anyone who plays on multiple platforms as it works with ps4, xb1, pc, Mac and mobile!

Automatic79803d ago

I have the Turtle Beach XO 7 love them.

Alduin803d ago

Agreed. I love my Astros. Been through multiple Turtle Beach, Tritton, and other headset brands, nothing compares to Astro.

Sm00thop803d ago

I've got the A50s, amazing headset and really comfortable.

UncleJerry803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Yea A50s are amazing. Very solid sounds, deff among the top if not the best. Battery life is very good, comfort is great, even the style of them is nice. I found the easiest way to deal with playing when you want to charge is to buy an inexpensive 8ft. micro usb from or any other site and simply use that while playing. The a50s are not inexpensive, no, but well worth it.

Sm00thop803d ago

Yeah I've got to get myself a long cable for when the charge has gone, 8hours is long enough for most of my sessions, but it has run out every now and then.

lokirevamped803d ago

I like the A50's as well, I just hate that they do not offer a 100% wireless version. I have the Turtle Beach 500X Stealth and the Turtle Beach 800X Wireless DTS

Ace Killa 08803d ago

Anyone here tried the new controllers with the built in jack? The stupid adapter I bought just causes static and crackling sounds. Plus drains my battery like crazy.

Septic803d ago

Ah really? That sucks. Might buy the atros then.

Sm00thop803d ago

Have you tried updating your controller? A hard reset may help as well, I remember getting the same problem, you can also update the firmware for the headset, I can't remember what sorted it out for me though.

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