Why TGS' 'Sense Of Wonder Night' Matters

Simon Carless writes:

"There's always been a need to highlight elements in games that are, well, different. In the West, it's good we have an increasingly rich history of doing so via events such as Jon Blow's Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC - or the indie festivals such as IGF and Indiecade. And, come to that, with media outlets who are interested in focusing on the alternative.

So I think that Sense Of Wonder Night - which will be on Friday, October 10th at 6pm at the Tokyo Game Show venue, Makuhari Messe in Tokyo - is an explicit attempt to do something similar in terms of showcasing innovation in Japan, or at least, to creators and attendees of one of the biggest game shows in the world. And this is important, given issues with sticking to genre formulas or over-rigid thinking are just as prevalent in the East as the West."

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