Sony Reveals New PlayStation VR Video Showcasing London Heist Impressions

VRFocus reports on the reveal of a new PlayStation VR video that showcases reactions to the London Heist demo from SCE London Studio.

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Ron_Danger1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Not sure if it was or not, but he's clearly the GameStop Hot 97 People's Champ.

What's up with that title belt?! 😂😂

Edit: well now I'm laughing harder at what happened to this comment section. Looks like a select few users weren't happy that there's a positive PS VR article.

This is why n4g needs to make it public with a link system to show who disagrees with people cause these cowards click disagree and move on. The community will only get better if we have the option to ban the idiots ruining it for everyone.

Angeljuice1139d ago


"ban the idiots ruining it for everyone"... Really?

They put a mark on a dislike counter, it doesn't ruin anything for anyone. To suggest a witch-hunt and ban-fest for anybody with a different view to yours is ridiculous.

S2Killinit1139d ago

He looks different here. Hadnt heard of him in a long time. Maybe its his brother or something.

Ron_Danger1139d ago

"Maybe its his brother"

That's racist dawg...


S2Killinit1139d ago

Lol well sorry. But he DOES look like him. 😅

Davi1231139d ago

Take my money now and shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S2Killinit1139d ago

Yup same here. Cant wait.

TLG19911139d ago

I bet they don't post a reaction video for the price announcement.

In all seriousness i am really excited for all of this.

S2Killinit1139d ago

Super stoked for PSVR. Bring it, its a day one. Anyone know when we can preorder it?

Ron_Danger1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

No price announcement, no preorder announcement.

I think retailers are afraid to even post placeholder prices for fear of a total internet meltdown. If they lowball the price, it could also hurt the products image when the real price is announced which could result in a lawsuit (cause you know, you can sue people for anything these days).

I'm guessing PSX for the price announcement with preorders going live that night.

Yeah. Hence the last line of my comment. That's how Sony's been doing it for awhile now. Announce the price at a conference, preorder it later that day/night on amazon of best buy. When they announced the PS4 without the price, crazy placeholder prices popped up everywhere (some going as high as $1000). I think retailers learned their lesson with that.

DragonDDark1139d ago

Why would they not announce everything in a conference? Isn't that how they always do it?

SmokingMonkey1139d ago

Lol at dropping the controller on the "table"

PSVR Day 1 for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.