Blizzard Adds WoW Recruit-A-Friend Program

Blizzard, the developers behind the world conquering MMO World of Warcraft, have added a new incentive to play WoW in the form of the Recruit-A-Friend system.

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Nostradavis3759d ago

They should call it the "end your friends connection to the real world" or the "legally kill your friend" program.

Zahaladeen3759d ago

Of course they do this AFTER I have all my little friends and assorted minions join. If only this were retroactive.

That is a truly ugly mount though. I wouldn't put my toon on that even if it had x300 mount speed.


...alright, I would. Damn it.

Nostradavis3759d ago

That's right. Who's your daddy? Blizzard is, and they damn well know it.

Cutter203759d ago

What I wouldn't do for a free Zehvra...

Arivall3759d ago

You've sucked my life once before, Blizzard. It's going to take much, much more than just a Zehvra to pull me back.

TruthbeTold3759d ago

a "Friends don't let friends" start WoW program.

DaKid3759d ago

They could teach it right along side the DARE program in school.

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