Ultra-Realism in Gaming

During his GDC demonstration in 2005, Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios demoed his brainchild: The Room. An experiment dabbling in Hyper realistic surroundings, portals, and incredible definition. Where objects age and books have individual pages.

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PS360PCROCKS4383d ago

Very cool! But why is this PS3 news? Lionhead and Peter Molyneux are Microsoft developers

Rooted_Dust4383d ago

Its an experiment, so other devs can learn from it. Therefore it appliese to all gaming.

THWIP4383d ago

...then it DOES NOT involve the PS3, AT ALL. Got it?

This is PC/360 news ONLY.

Tut4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Whoah there, killer. Tone it down a notch or five. Nothing to start a body count over.

THWIP4383d ago

...I'm just stating the facts, nothing more. Peter M. works for MS now, plain and simple. This demo (even though it's over a year old) is of something he's working on, for PC, and likely 360 as well. It has nothing to do with Sony, or the PS3. Why is that such a hard thing to understand?

Tut4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

*Note: Please read in a kind tone. It isn't meant to be a rant.

Actually, he stated that 'The Room' is a concept that he wants all video game developers to embrace and use in their future projects, so technically it has everything to do with every video game that will come to be produced on any existing or non-existing-but-in-developmen t-from-now-until-eternity platform. This article doesn't need to be declared one side or another by anyone because everyone benefits from his ideas and they should because he and his team have great ones. Just because he develops for Microsoft Games doesn't mean that the rest of the gaming world has to be shut off from technology and innovation that he provides. That would be selfish and short-sighted for anyone from any brand camp in this industry.

From this article, I had this reaction, "Whoa! Awesome! I love this guy and his company and want to play B&W2 right now, even though I am at work!" and you probably got something like that, too, but along with that you added, "WTF!!! This is an outrage that anyone would think the PS3 has anything to do with this!" Granted I am being a little dramatic, but when you add key words in capital letters and say "Got it?" as a closing statement you seem very snotty and rude, unless you are in the mob then you just sound like a badarse. I don't mean to be cruel when I say this stuff because my tone is kind (although my writing may not portray that) and I have nothing against you, but that is just what I got out of your first statement. I apologize if I took it the wrong way but it's text, and it is hard to determine the context someone is speaking in.

Regardless of what he develops for this is important for every single member of the gaming industry because it is something that is needed and should become a standard for all games in my opinion at least. If former questionmark's idea in his post on #5 is correct and Fable 2 uses this technology I will be looking forward to Fable 2 that much more (loved the original). I really want to see how this pans out for their games and the industry and I hope that any good ideas and innovations from anyone in the industry are accepted throughout and utilized so everyone can continue to grow and advance.

So again, I think we fully understand that he doesn't develop games for the Playstation 3, but his ideas branch farther than just the PC and XBox360, and since this article is about his ideas and him stating that it should be a norm throughout the video game industry, every single platform should be included. This guy makes gaming better for everyone, not just one area of the entire picture.

power of Green 4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Has nothing to do with PS3.

I'm sure there's Jap Devs working for Sony that wants all dev's to embrace Blu-ray.

THWIP4383d ago

You can bet your ass there weren't any Sony 1st part devs in the room during his presentation....unless they were spies. ;)

Peter is, without a doubt, one of the industry's most unique and talented individuals ; that MS recognized that, and decided to help his studio stay afloat via acquistion, is a feather in their cap.
Sony, on the other hand, never showed interest in him, or his ideas...they could have just as easily done what MS did, if they'd so desired.
The reason this has NOTHING to do with Sony, or the PS3

Tut4383d ago

Again... GDC stands for Game Developers Conference (not Game Developers Conference: Microsoft Oversees Attending Parties and Those Allowed to View Speakers) and you bet your arse every type of developer was present for this. They don't believe in fanaticism as much as consumers. If anything their belief is called competitive business actions. I will go with their views though, since it is in their best interest to bring me the best games so I will purchase them.

I will agree to disagree about the relevance of the PS3 stamp on this article as I don't see us coming to any other conclusion. =)

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power of Green 4383d ago

Yah and why is PS3 first in the headers on this site. PS3, 360, Wii, Xbox, PS2, ect. J/K

ACE4383d ago

nice to have Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios on the 360 side :) .

power of green yeah a good point why is the ps3 first in the list , this site is prob run by sony fanatics lol .

Tut4383d ago

I love Lionhead Studios, they always have something very creative and fun. Even in Black and White 2 you could play with the black and white 'pixels' in the logo as if it were a box as sort of a minigame before you started the actual game. I played with that more than I have played some actual titled games.

I don't think I fully understand what they were trying to portray with this presentation but I am very excited to see some of the things this concept will produce.

Off topic, but has anyone heard anything about Spore lately? It's been quite some time since I have heard any news on that game.

Jak4ever4382d ago


You are such a breath of fresh Air, earlier you were speaking to a massive fanboy. Agree to diagree, like you have and continue on buddy. A good number of individuals care about innovative Games, not just SCE or MS or NT who the hell cares if MS doesnt exist in 15 yearsVideo Games (in way shape or form) will be around for a loong time, and this is what matters. Molyneux understands this and so do non fanboys. Great job showing some true maturity, I got your back.

Tut4382d ago

Thank you, Jak. Your kind words go a long way and I appreciate them. I can't imagine a world without Microsoft or Sony but as long as someone is around to make horrible, bad, good, great, and phenominal video games then I will be there to purchase them until I die.

God Bless and thank you again! =)

power of Green 4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

-Do you; know what it means?-
-Quote: who the hell cares if MS doesnt exist in 15 yearsVideo Games (in way shape or form)".

I'm not a fan of PS, I don't play any PS games nor do i have any PS console's.

It's simple!, i disslike the platform and it's exclusive's and i wouldn't be (what you call a gamer/fanboy) if it wasn't for Microsoft's inovations in their console's.

masssive Fanboy?, Oh! that's Looser talk!, Come with me to reality, you'll find choice and freedom, join us and see people choose what they like and what they don't like; with out being Cruisified.

Fable 2 will be stellar!!!. What exactlly does this have to do with PS3 again?, oh! i know! Pete M is in the industry.

#4.1 you should ask #4.2 out on a date.

I dare you guy's to ask people in public on the street or in malls and game shops what console's they have prefference for, I dare you to call them that nerd fu*ker term "fanboy" , nevermind the response from them(what a weirdo) if you feel stupid thinking that way & stupid for what you said , you're not a complete loser at that point.

Now i'm going to go read the "PS3's a bust" artical.

Jak4ever4382d ago

Get off of it, and while your busy doing that grow up and learn that competition brings creativity.

Dont be a Tard.

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Grown Folks Talk4383d ago

he's stated that property and marriage and such would actually matter this time around. your house actually ages and starts to fall apart. your kids grow as you progress through the game. a lot of potential. i'll just have to bypass all future fable 2 news so that i can't be let down with all of the things they take out. fable was good, just missing too many promised features for my taste.

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