IGN's Most Wanted Soul Calibur Star Wars Fighters

Did you think IGN Stars was all done with Soulcalibur IV coverage? Fat chance. Gamers all over are still deeply engrossed with the latest in this fighting franchise.

One of the biggest mysteries regarding SCIV is the future slate of downloadable characters. Gamers all know they're coming, but when? IGN already brought you their first Players Wanted feature, as well as the Readers' Choice follow-up. But the prevalence of Star Wars characters has them wondering specifically what other Jedi warriors and bounty hunters deserve to be a part of the Soul series.

IGN came up with quite a few for their next Players Wanted feature, one that specifically deals in Star Wars heroes and villains. Any one of these characters could more than hold their own in SCIV. Some can even do it without the aid of a lightsaber.

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SuicidalTendencies3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

How cool would it be to play as Reven? That guy was one bad ass mofo. They should just skip this downloadable character crap and just have Namco make a Star Wars fighting game. Put all the cool characters from the SW universe in it.

Rhezin3780d ago

darth maul would be kinda cool too with the staff lightsaber.
Hope the DL characters come with unique signature moves.

Yemeni Xrats Killer3780d ago

no body wants ur characters u rats!! am gonna get u with my yemeni xrat killer