Does FFXIII Going Multiplatform Spell the End for PS3?

What does it mean for Sony's next-gen console, really? An educating read on the truth of the matter.

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Genesis53783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I hardly think so. I can't see FF XIII sales split down the middle on this. More like 70 - 30 in favour of the PS3.

Bombibomb3783d ago

FFXIII isn't even the biggest PS3 game lol. Maybe for Japan it is but not everywhere else. These articles are getting old.

yankespawn3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

That makes MS *they keep reporducing money*

power of Green 3783d ago

I agree although I had trouble saying the same thing for the past 2 years and even had it worst the last 6 months.

Being attacked for saying what you're saying for the last 6 months having PS3's "lineup list" with FF being the "Crown jewel" slapped in my face, it is refreshing to hear you say that. I remember around the start of this year FF13 was believed (by Sony fans) to be the crushing unstoppable force MSFT could not face.

poopsack3783d ago

final fantasy wasnt the crown jewel until it was announced for the 360, then suddenly we had a ton of 360 owners actually liking the game and not saying it was gay anymore. it was never the biggest ps3 exclusive until ps3 lost it, and its only 360 for life people that say so.

RemmM3783d ago

The REAL question is...CAN FFXIII sell on the 360.

mikeslemonade3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Look at the sales of the PS3 and it has no indication of failing it's on pace to be 2nd place this generation. The GTA4 multiplatform, Gears amazing graphics, Halo 3 biggest seller didn't kill the PS3, so FFXIII isn't going to hurt the PS3 that much. PS3 has way more real exclusive games.

If anyone is in danger it's Microsoft's 360. They have no dependable 1st party, so they have to spend so much for 3rd party support and exclusives. FFXIII is multiplatform isn't coming for a while and that was Microsoft's big annoucement at E3.

PoSTedUP3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

ff13 HAD to be the biggest game just because it would of been the FIRST exclusive RPG. maybe not sales wise, but importance wise?.... yes.

@ zo6- oh i know next to nothing about RPG's then lol, but FF would of been THEE ps3 RPG ya know.

zo6_lover273783d ago

Its not its first exclusive RPG, that would be folklore.

3783d ago
sumfood4u3783d ago

no FFXIII Going Multiplatform Spells, FFXIII Going Multiplatform Spells lol! my joke FTW

CrazzyMan3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

PS3 version:
a) 1 year before(in japan).
b) on 1 BD.
c) on reliable hardware.
d) with FREE online.
e) with FFXIIIv on PS3 and FFAgito on psp(IF you want to feel FULL experience of FFXIII world - get PS3/psp).
f) on quiet blu-ray drive.
g) on habitual joypad for FF games.
h) with no compressed textures and sound.

Why people wouldn`t get PS3 version? Unless they have only x360.. But on x360, Lost odyssey(was considered to be rival to FF) barely crossed 600k in NA/Europe, ant that game was EXCLUSIVE.

FFXIII was meant to be ON PS3, x360 got ONLY a NAME, but at what quality... And FF is a BIG game, it will take 50GB on PS3, you must be a blind fanboy, if you expect, that the game will fit on 4 dvds and won`t be reduced in quality.
Btw, GTA4 sold good on x360, yes, BUT that wasn`t JRPG and both version came on 1 disc, Now people have an alternative.
Overall, time will show.
I expect FFXIII to sell 9 mln. for PS3 and 1 mln. for x360.
Maybe, after going multi, some x360 owners won`t buy PS3 (for now), BUT to get FULL experience of FFXIII world, you still will have to get the ps3 version.
The game was developed FOR PS3 last 2 years..

Bonsai12143783d ago

well, FF isn't the biggest RPG in japan. Dragon Quest is.

vhero3783d ago

agreed sick to death of this most FF lovers have got a PS3 already now and when FF left nintendo did nintendo die?? or are they selling twice as much as competition every week without it?

NegativeCreep4273783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I got a better idea for an article: "A year from now, when the PS3 totally gains massive ground and contains an even bigger library of exclusive quality software, Will all the Bulls**t articles like the one above finally f'n disappear???"

Doppy3783d ago

How come everytime something like this happens it's always is this the end of this system. Get a life, Blu Ray still isn't the end of 360, and this is not the end of PS3. So no.

juuken3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

So one game is going to end the PS3?
GTA didn't do it, Devil May Cry didn't do it...I mean seriously. -__-
WTF are these people smoking?

meepmoopmeep3783d ago

Did the other games going multi-plat kill Sony yet?

.... NO!!!

Idonthatejustcreate3783d ago

by the looks of it all the other exclusives coming to the ps3 are bigger and stronger blockbusters than FFXIII by far!

*Blade and soul* anyone?

SolidSnake933783d ago

I don't understand people have to realize that the game is also on PS3. It won't kill the PS3 because it is Multi-platform. If it was an XBOX exclusive then it would kill the PS3 in Japan, but it is not.

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yankespawn3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

FF13 360 changed the idustry *hard trut below*

power of Green 3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Is that really fair?, SE has been talking about wanting in the western market, no matter what console back in 2007.

Why don't you trust devs?, the FF series has always been multi platform. I'm surprized you don't feel this way about other SE published games coming to the 360.

orakga3783d ago

You would be right except SE had repeatedly stated in the past that FF13 was a PS3 exclusive. That's the main problem.

power of Green 3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

That's besides the point, when you read my post. FF has always been a multi platform franchise, this kid doesn't have the right to be upset. Many Japanese devs most likely thought PS3 would have won the war.

The kid above my original post does not have to compete with other major companies staying competitive by making money.

I don't trust devs any more or any less because *Ken Levine* was making contradicting statements about BioShock.

You guys are talking like the 3rd party company Square Enix was betraying your friendships when they announced a 3rd party game on another platform.

RememberThe3573783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Thats not really beside the point, that IS the point. He feels Square lied to him, so he wont trust them anymore. However, I see your point, and in their position I'd probably do the same thing. As many of us have been hearing development is coasting a butt load, and publishers need to diversify to make money. I think everyone wins on this one.

TripleTags3783d ago

people no longer know english.

Idonthatejustcreate3783d ago


FFXIII multiplat = Less ps3's sold = Less people to play with on psn.

But thats not the real reason we get upset. It's because we knew that the xbox360 and microsoft would mess with the FFXIII game in one way or an other. Now Ps3 owners have to wait for the game untill the xbox360 version is ready, also we still fear that the PS3 version will have less content just because the xbox360 has an storage space issue.

Thats why people that think for themselves care...

SaiyanFury3783d ago

@ 2.2 - Orakga

That was my main problem with S-E announcing a 360 version of FFXIII. I don't care that it's getting ported to the 360, more power to 360 owners. What annoyed me was S-E repeatedly confirming since before the PS3's release that the game was going to be exclusive. Then all of a sudden, *pop*, it's on the 360 as well. They should have announced a 360 version long beforehand in my own opinion. It's obvious that S-E had been considering the possibility of a 360 version for at least 5-6 months. My problem is that they never came forward and said anything, they only kept reiterating that the game was a PS3 exclusive, giving PS3 and potential PS3 owners something to really look forward to having only on their console. But whatever, what's past is past. I bought my PS3 about a month after launch with the full intention of buying FFXIII on PS3, and that's the version I and millions of others will make.

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yankespawn3783d ago

all becuase an asian comapny sold there souls the vg idustry changed


yankespawn3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

i like ms becuase they created such amaing segration

before all consoles wer made by asian comapny

now all american can buy 360 i like xbox becuase it will make segration stronger. whites on once side,the rest on the other?

I KID????

PoSTedUP3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

theirs alot more to America than just whitey : )

zo6_lover273783d ago

DAMN YANKEES, he has multiple accounts, he just joined 3 hours ago.

Mr Fancy Pants3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

"all becuase an asian comapny sold there souls the vg idustry changed"

can i count capcom too? two of the biggest...

PS3rd the Turd3783d ago

I GUARANTEE YOU Yankespwn is EVIL Anti-American Nasim... trying to stir things up.

Nasim. White people are better than you. White people control the world, LITERALLY. You're jus tliving in it. You might want to not believe that, no actually, EVERYONE knows its true.

Get over it Nasim and stop trying to pretend on White people play XboX 360 when all people play all kinds of things.

Every Race>>>>> Evil Racist Nasim

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Meus Renaissance3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I don't really think so, but it certainly will hurt them. It'll have a bigger hardware sales/software sales boost for Sony than it will for Microsoft but I can't have imagined many 360 owners purchasing PlayStation 3's for this game when it was PS3 exclusive, although it will be a nice thing for them to now check out the game/franchise on their platform.

I think PS3 fans were more annoyed and angered rather than 360 owners getting excited about the game, which goes to show exactly how the pendulum swings on this particular franchise. It's an interesting paradox, PS3 owners bought their console hoping for JRPG's and 360 owners believed they'd get little and couldn't care less hence of their platform choice. And look where we are today! Hardly anything on the PS3 but 360 owners getting more than they asked for, and arguably, more than they care for whereas PS3 fans are pulling their hair over Square Enix's hypocrisy over Star Ocean 4's anonymity on Sony's platform.

I think Sony made some hurtful decisions in their designing of the PS3 short-term, hence their install base, but might, might, be a blessing in disguise in the future. Only time will tell. They have alot to do.

bababrooks3783d ago

that was a great, honest and unbiased post meus............nice work. i agree with what you said!

CrazzyMan3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

in few words.
x360 is 2,5 years on the market, it has additional 1 year for developement.
ps3 is only 1,5 year on the market.

In first year x360 got:
Enchanted Arms(timed)

In first year PS3 got:
Enhanted Arms(multi)

In second year x360 got:
Eternal Sonata(timed)
Blue Dragon(ex)

In second year PS3 got:
Disgaea 3(ex)
Eternal Sonata(multi)
Valkyrie Chronicles(ex)

It`s ONLY because x360 has 1 year of advantage. NEXT year, PS3 will regain it`s power.

These games came during first 2 years of x360 life on PS2:
Wild Arms 4
Grandia 3
Kingdom Hearts 2
Final Fantasy XII
Tales of Legendia
Valkyrie Profile 2
Tales of the Abyss
Suikoden V
Rogue Galaxy
Disgaea 2
Persona 3
Odin Sphere

So, there was NO problem with jrpg on Sony platform.
Yes, x360 is a KING of jrpg in 2008, on 3rd year of it`s life, BUT this year will end, and will new one come, which will bring A LOT jrpgs to PS3.

Covenant3783d ago

Very good comments, sir. Agree + bubbles.

kwicksandz3783d ago

By suggesting that sony made a misstep you have savaged your bubbles and earnt a 1:1 agree/disagree ration

bubbles to you sir!

SaiyanFury3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

@ 3.0 - Meus Renaissance

Another interesting point about JRPGs on the 360 is that they don't do overly well. Not to say that they don't sell, but I don't think they sell as well as they could on a Japanese console. This is the sole reason that Square-Enix is releasing FF13 only on the PS3 in Japan, because there's such a small chance of sales on 360, it completely precludes the notion of a 360 version. Overseas, I have no doubt that there will be many a unit moved of FF13 on 360, but I'm betting the bulk of sales will still be on the PS3.

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