Here is Why You Should Play MGS V Ground Zeroes After Phantom Pain

TTZ: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes makes for an even better prequel after one has played The Phantom Pain.

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Maltaze1014d ago

Interesting. But kinda redundant. The whole MGS universe is messed up nuff without you added this to its mix :P

BEASELY1014d ago

Personally, I feel 5 lacked these sort of larger than life, masterfully crafted GI Joe sandbox super bases. Lots of rural terrain and not enough building infiltration like in past games. Walking through mother asked and swinging around on railings, ascending a bunch of latters makes me miss them even more. I loved Ground Zeroes because it plopped you in the middle of a seemingly impossible basevand you slowly learned how to conquer it.

Not as many highly detailed, large outposts as I would have liked in 5.

TheColbertinator1013d ago

True. Even a few side ops featuring unique locations would have been great

SlightlyRetarted1013d ago

Open world games are just so lukewarm when it comes to level desing. Ridiculous amount of open world games right now makes it even more obvious.
I would rather have 30 well desinged levels, than huge sandboxes with over 40 main missions and 150 side ops that are so obvious filler content that it hurts. Mix of Camp Omega style bases and MGS4 style levels would have been great. Mission leading to Devil's House was great. It got suddenly narrow, fog set in, ambient music set in, then the Devil's House itself and the after math. Desing and atmosphere were absolutely amazing.

Artemidorus1013d ago

They should of added Ground Zeroes as the first chapter then the hospital the second chapter years later etc.

just_looken1013d ago

If you look up dev diaries they were going to do that originally then the idea came up they need a prolouge game.

Basically konami again test the waters pay for the mgs v production.

Dirtnapstor1013d ago

GZ sets the stage for TPP. Also explains why Boss has a shrapnel horn sticking out of his skull.
Both are awesome!

urwifeminder1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Got a MGS game for free on xboxone not sure what it is have not downloaded dont think I will get around to it though.