IGN: Champions Online Hands-On

IGN writes: "The first thing I have to say about playing Champions Online with the Xbox360 controller is the sheer ease and intuitiveness of game play. I am primarily a PC gamer and although I do love my PSP/DS, I am not a console gamer of any great skill. My six-year-old nephew drags me around in LEGO Star Wars on the Xbox 360 and sighs when I double-jump, miss the ledge yet again and my character dies another horrible death. So I approached this hands-on preview of Champions Online at their Media Day with a little trepidation if not mild panic. How many different buttons do I have to mash to fire off that special attack?

I really should have been reassured by my knowledge of Jack Emmert, Chief Creative Office of Cryptic Studios. Jack is a long-time tabletop gamer and comic book aficionado, not a huge computer MMOG game player. He is the creator of the sidekick system, a concept that has been adopted by many MMOGs following City of Heroes. Also known as a Mentor or Apprenticeship system, it basically allows players of diverse levels to play together by raising and/or lowering their levels while grouped together, often with added bonuses to both players."

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