Uncharted Vs Tomb Raider – The Imitation Game

"We have Sony’s best franchise Uncharted, up against the surprising majesty that is the Tomb Raider Reboot."

Ed from Gameondaily compares the Tomb Raider reboot against Uncharted 3 and decides upon a winner, albeit tentatively.

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Fro_xoxo870d ago

I fell in love with Drake before I met Lara. However, It took me some time to appreciate Tomb Raider 2013 but I got there eventually.

Devs are inspired by one another, sometimes it's subtle, other times very evident.

I'm happy both games exist. We don't need a 'versus' because they can both coexist. There's room for both games.

stuna1870d ago

Great comment! More games for gamers to choose from IMO.

One has a woman in the leading role, the other has a man in the leading role plain and simple. Both are enjoyable, look good so why not play both!? So what some may have to wait a little longer to play one or the other dependent on the console you own perspective.

MysticStrummer869d ago

"There's room for both games."

Very true, but I would prefer two very different games over two somewhat similar games, especially when one of them used to be very different and I loved it.

Relientk77870d ago

I do think it would be kinda cool if we had Nathan Drake and Lara Croft team up for one game

IF they did it right

Thatguy-310870d ago

If they did I would love for them to use her old model since she had more charisma than the new one. The chemistry between them could be like Nathan's and Chloe's since the old Lara was a bug flirt.

Volkama870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

Nathan Drake on an adventure with 1990s Angu-Lara?

I didn't find her to be particularly charismatic on the Sega Saturn. Dead sexy though, right?

gangsta_red870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

That would be an awesome cross over.

It would have to be a massive type of game that would incorporate the best of both games. The Tomb Raider type of dungeon exploration and the action packed sequences found in Uncharted.

It would be interesting just to see how these two characters would act with one another.

stuna1870d ago

Sad to say I doubt that will ever happen. Simply because one character is exclusive to a console brand and the other is now a multiplatform character, a 3rd party developer against a 1st party developer.

Even if they tried to do something like that console exclusive, I think it would cause to much a ruckus with competing consoles.

gangsta_red870d ago

I actually think it can happen. Look at Smash Bros and Sega, Namco and Capcom lending their mascots to a game that is exclusive to one system.

There should be no reason why CD/Square could exclusively work with Naughty Dog to make a cross over game that is for the PS4 only. There is nothing holding them back besides creative control and how each character should be handled.

"I think it would cause to much a ruckus with competing consoles."

Now this I agree with, the developers wouldn't have a problem but fans would. We have already seen how fan(boys) reacted when TR was a timed exclusive for Xbox I can just imagine the meltdown if fanboys found out that Laura was now appearing in a game exclusive to one console.

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-Foxtrot870d ago (Edited 870d ago )

Uncharted would win by miles. 4 main games along with 1 prequel shows us how NaughtyDog have managed to keep the overall series tone which the franchise is known for. They havent had to change something drastic to keep it fresh, they've always respect what Uncharted is supposed to be.

However the reboot of Tomb Raider could have been a brand new IP if it wanted to be. Instead of evolving Tomb Raider they decided to copy Uncharted making it into a full blown action game where Lara, like Drake, comes off as Rambo. It would be fine if they wanted to use the origin story of the original Lara Croft, the one we grew up with, where her plane goes down in the Himalayas killing her parents and fiancée but they decided to create something completely different. I mean how are we supposed to see how a "Legend is born" when it's not really "our" legend we grew up with.

I think I laugh more when some people try to defend the reboot and say something silly like "It's always been like that"...yeah sure it has ¬¬

awi5951869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Tomb raider always had action with all the wild bears and tigers that would tear your face off. You had to dodge, jump, and spin like crazy or you would be dead real fast. I had more fun with the first 2 tomb raiders than the first two uncharted. They were deeper games with far harder puzzles.

-Foxtrot869d ago

That's not full on action though is it.

It's more survival then action

Imalwaysright869d ago

TR 2013 isn't full on action. It has platforming, exploration and puzzle solving just like the original TR had. It has these elements in less amount than the original but that still is the template that was set in 1996 for all action adventure by TR.

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