Does the Jesus Phone Have Game?

Does the Jesus Phone have game? How viable is the iPhone as a gaming platform? Is it really going to cannibalize sales of the PSP or DS? We can learn a lot from the age old consoles vs. PCs debate. Simply put, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses; and as a gaming device, the iPhone is in its own category. The iPhone tends to blur the lines of portable gaming with the PSP and DS, but it still has its little quirks which make it stand out on its own.

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Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I'm a big fan of the iphone/touch. I think it holds a lot of potential. More powerful than the PSP/DS combined, more functional (out of the box) than the others. Legal 3rd party developer support. Hordes of free apps/games/features.

It's really a good package. I'm not sure why so many are afraid to embrace it. Perhaps the Apple logo I'm not sure, but the hardware is impressive.

theusedfake3783d ago

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gano3781d ago

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Sony Rep3781d ago

We here at Sony wish to work with Apple in the future. We here at Sony also believe that the Iphone is not directly competing with us, but with Nintendo.

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