Hot off the ring: brand new Virtua Fighter 5 screens

Since we still have a long way to go 'til February, all of us who are hotly anticipating the release of Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 are gonna need something to temporarily satiate our appetites, right?

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FordGTGuy3688d ago

Trying to compete with DOA or the Ninja Team.

Rooted_Dust3688d ago

The only thing they would have to do to compete with DOA is to up the bra sizes.

calderra3688d ago

I think he meant DOA's superior character models, mostly. Including the boobies.

shysun3688d ago

gameplay wise...VF has always been better,I dare you to dissagree and show what a noob you are!

ACE3688d ago

colours look pale lighting what lighting lol , graphicly not up to doa4 .

again what ever

xfrgtr3688d ago

Excellent,I can't wait

Apocalypse Shadow3688d ago

is a better technical fighter than doa.THAT'S FACT!it will help increase sales in japan of ps3.THAT'S FACT! and gamers who love fighters will be waiting for this game.FACT AGAIN!keep being rabid fanboys.

FordGTGuy3688d ago

Why DOA is better: person who knows what his doing will keep a button pushers ass. except the other way around.

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