PSU - Siren: Blood Curse Review

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's internal studio, the release of Siren: Blood Curse signals the influx of several horror-theme outings on PS3 in 2008, preceding forthcoming entries such as Silent Hill: Homecoming and Electronic Arts' forthcoming Dead Space. More than just a mere doppelganger however, Blood Curse's decidedly stealthier approach to the traditional survival horror experience excels in scares and implements some unique ideas to create one of the most memorable horror outings in recent years.

Essentially, Blood Curse is an Americanised reworking of the original Siren title released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2003. The game takes place in August 2007, and focuses on the efforts of a TV crew investigating the mysterious Japanese village of Hanuda, also known as the "Vanished Village." This village is said to have played host to human sacrifice some 30 years ago. Inevitably, things go awry not long after the crew arrive, and the group soon becomes embroiled in all manner of horrific events involving insane cults, zombified inhabitants, human sacrifice and a nefarious, intricate plot line.

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