Epic Fail: Games that will Probably Suck

GameDaily's psychic skills tell them that these games are in grave danger. Beware.

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Fishy Fingers3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I'm sorry but people are using (negative) LBP news to simply generate hits. If gamedaily took the time to read a single hands on or preview they'd know that the people who have ACTUALLY played LBP feel in love almost instantly.

"a glorified version of PowerPoint" <--- I think that says it all. Still at least they admit its better than MS powerpoint ;)

cahill3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

they gave Ninja gaiden 2 --a game that got 7/8 from most websites a 9/10

and mgs4 that got 10/10 from IGN and most other gaming websites an 8/10

LBP is easily the GOTY from most websites.
Gamedaily as everyone said --why not add Gears to that list too . U will get many hits too

Millah3759d ago

Lol Gamedaily always does this, they suck, and they keep getting stupid people to click their links and get hits. Gamedaily is such a horrible site, whether its their clearly biased editors, or their just downright wrong opinion.

Brothers in Arms, both Sonic games, LBP....are they serious. This site loses more and more credibility every time they post.

The only epic fail is Gamedaily and their horribly immature unprofessional staff.

juuken3759d ago

Gamedaily sucks.

Montrealien3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Cahill said

(a game that got 7/8 from most websites a 9/10``)

Lenhart/Nasim! where have you been!? You where the only one that would ever say that. why so many account changes?

As for the article, whatever, I think LBP looks great and I can`t wait for it. It is their opinion. I don`t agree with all of the games they think may suck, some are pretty spot on. Eitherway my judgment is reserved till the games come out.

cahill3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

2 accounts right there for u

plus i dont even think u are a quebecoise/s . You might well be an immigrant living in montreal cuz the french canadians dont like ms products like the french

ninja gaiden 2 metacritic average -81 /100

u can see the review scores there . It got 6/7/8 from many websites

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

did TorDavis write this?

i told you, some people seriously hope certain games flop.
that's truly sad when you would want ANY game to flop regardless of platform.

i want every game to be great so we all get a great gaming experience no matter what platform its on.

Montrealien3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

lol, Lenhart/Nasim, you will never change, you love stereotypes. I now Ninja Gaiden got good scores, you would not stop saying that on your other acocunts when it came out.

And I have and always will have 1 account here on N4G, and I am infact in Montreal and french canadian.

callahan093759d ago

Gee, the same GameDaily that said the Xbox 360 is the greatest system of all time claims that LittleBigPlanet will suck, while not reserving a single slot on the list for any 360 exclusives? Surprise, surprise!

Seriously, when I saw the title of this article, I immediately thought of Banjo Nuts & Bolts, which looks like Rare grasping at straws to me.

gaffyh3759d ago

I agree with all of these games, except LBP and also I think Too Human should be added to this list.

Smacktard3759d ago

Well, at least I think we can all agree that the new console Sonic will blow horridly, and the new DS Sonic is an awful idea, and PROBABLY will suck, as the Sonic universe is now the worst ever.

kindi_boy3758d ago


RSX3758d ago

I read that story title and instantly thought "Gosh I bet my ass some stupid author is going to put little big planet" opened the article, story pic justified my thoughts "maybe its just there, I'm going to actually read the article". Second page Little big planet = Article Epic Fail

Oner3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I definitely agree with link/image 11 being on their epic fail list!

NegativeCreep4273758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Though I wont say that Too Human will definately be underwhelming, it certainly deserves to be on this list a hell of a lot more than LBP.

It always makes me laugh how articles of this sort always have to have a picture of a screenshot from a PS3 title. The PS3 is seriously the console that biased A-holes love to hate, though it certainly doesn't deserve such treatment.

rgun3758d ago

Gamedaily is an epic failed website. Who goes there anyways?

incogneato3758d ago

GameDaily is a joke site. I've emailed them before and their correspondence was very childish. They use sensationalist headlines and reviews to generate hits. It's time we ignore them.

uie4rhig3758d ago

tbh these games are still in development, so you NEVER EVER know what happens, remember Haze? well there you go.. there was a LOT of hype for it, but it is one of the biggest flops this generation..

now my thoughts on this list:
Anything that begins with Imagine
lol wut? i have never seen or heard of this lol.. and it looks to girlish it will most definitely suck, but not for little girls..

This is Vegas
I dunno, there is not much known about this, so it'll have to wait till you can actually say that it sux..

Probably not, but again you never know

Rock Revolution
Rock revolution is probably very IDENTICAL with Rock Band but with extra new features.. so i highly doubt this will be an EPIC FAIL

Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood
Never liked sonic games since its 3D age, and im not the only one, so there is a big chance that its an epic fail

Silent Hill Homecoming
Silent Hill is actually quite a cool game, so i dunno

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Nope most definitely not, but again you never know

Sonic Unleashed
There is a big chance that this game wont be a epic fail, but as i said before, i havent been a big fan of Sonic since the 3D age

it's pretty hard to screw up this game, so i am most definitely sure this wont be an epic fail

Wii Music
This will most likely be BIG flop in gaming history, yeah air guitar is cool, but air drumming ? WTF? didn't you see that guy that looked like he was on speed in nintendo's conference? and flute? meh.. most definitely another Haze!

tplarkin73758d ago

There's no way to know if LBP will be good or bad until we play it. Howver, there has been much more hype than criticism. It could flop. I know one thing: the LBP music is too cutesy and gets on my nerves after 5 minutes.

Stagerman3758d ago

their argument is that people are gonna make crap content. The problem with this argument is that any game that has user generated content is gonna have crap content. look at UT3 i have that for ps3 and theres tons of insanely awesome mods and maps, but theres also some really gay mods and maps too. You cant avoid that or else your taking away the freedom of the creator.

DaTruth3758d ago

Don't give them the hits,Don't give them the hits!!!

Palodios3758d ago


You clearly underestimate the game. Supposedly you can put whatever music you want into your levels!

Tarasque3758d ago

Exactly, they know some kid from N4G will post the article up and some heat will get going and they will get hit's. And everybody buy's into it everytime. if you think something is going to own and someone else doesn't who cares just as long as you like what is coming, doesnt matter what anyone else think's.

Tarasque3758d ago

OMG, the site is riddled with little kid's. Boohoooooo there was ps3 exclusive's there was no 360 exclusive's Boooohooooooo. Give me a fracking break, maybe you should worry about what you are going to achieve in the coming year of first grade than what someone is posting on the internet.

witchking3758d ago

I suspect that LBP is going to do very well and get great reviews. However, I also suspect that there will be an undercurrent of people who just don't get it. Did you like to build with Legos when you were a kid? If so, LBP is likely right up your alley.

If you were more interested in dismembering your GI Joes, then play Gears of War 2.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion (gee, this whole site is proof of that). Will LBP suck? For most people, no. For some, yes.

Pretty much the same for every game out there.

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grantps33759d ago

LBP wont suck.

i would agree with the list if it didnt have lbp in it

Shane Kim3759d ago

As soon as I saw "GameDaily" I ignored the article.

Playstation Man3759d ago

than dog fvcker Bloodmask to submit a hit-fest pile of flamebait crap like this to n4g. This article is total BS and everyone who has balls and half a brain knows that.

Zerodin3759d ago

Haze sucked, and everyone swore it was greatness.

juuken3759d ago

Everyone like who Zerodin?
I had a feeling the game was going to be bad so I don't see what you're talking about.
And Haze is dead. Stop beating the dead horse already.

Spread Butt Cheeks3759d ago

to fail. it looks like a game for mentally challenged children.

Atomic3759d ago

Gamedaily is the epic fail.

Mr Fancy Pants3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

"Haze sucked, and everyone swore it was greatness."

nobody cared about Haze to begin with and that's the true... look back at Haze news and look at the comments on every article. you would be surprise if you could find one with more than 10 comments. on top of that, HELLO it's Ubisoft! for that time the Ps3 fanboys were hating on them thanks to all the crappy ports.

BTW here's the link to look for old articles

PWNED again Zerodin? this is like the 100 time. LOL

mikeslemonade3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

LBP was the most popular booth at E3. Fable 2 is my prediction for biggest dissapointment. Peter Moleneux has a similair persoanlity with Dennis Dyack when it comes to overhyping games. Early reports says Fable 2 is only 15 hours. Mass Effect was longer than 15 hours and I still thought the game was too short.

bpac1234567893758d ago

All Gamedaily seems to do is post ridiculous and needlessly controversial articles. they just want hits and most if not all of there articles seem uneducated and could have been written by a 4 year old.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3758d ago

...Everything New for the xBox 360!!! ;-D
(Hmm...even past games to!!!) ;-D
xBox 360??? What's the Point???

syanara3758d ago

WRONG! as soon as gameplay footage of HAZE was released evertbody started saying its gonna suck and only a few said it would rock because they wanted the game to be good.

THC CELL3758d ago

i stopped reading when it said LBP

f++k this stupid site its about time we boycott

Yemeni Xrats Killer3758d ago

u know why?? because am wiping out all the xrats out of the face of the planet and the process is long and tiring, but it should take 1/max 2 years to get the job done!!

am here for u xrats!! be aware who sprays u from behind

Yemeni Xrats Killer3758d ago

r the same one who sucking the real thing!!

Pain3758d ago

should have put 'HALO IS FOR TEH GAYZZ!!!!' will get more hits than insulting LBP for not being on XBOX 2...

KBDuB3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Why don't YOU go back and read the articles about HAZE. A lot of people were hyping that game. A Lot.

@mikeslemonade - Of course you would think Mass Effect was too short. -.-

JD_Shadow3758d ago

That basically means the game would be right up your alley, right?

thereapersson3758d ago

Your name gives away your ignorance before you even begin to type. Why is it stupid 360 fanboys always come up with the most immature user names? PSTurd? Gaystation? Spread Butt Cheeks? Give me a freakin' break!

KBDuB3758d ago

Why is it that PS3 fanboys impersonate someone? Shane Kim, Ken Kutagari, Kaz Hiria, Phil Harrison, Bill Gates.. they are ALL PS3 fanboys.

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Le-mo3759d ago

Why not add GeOW 2 and Fallout 3 while you're at it Gamedaily. You will definitely get more hits.

cahill3759d ago

but they wont do that cuz they have a console Bias

Shane Kim3759d ago

One of them is multi and the other xbox exclusive. There is your answer :P.

xSHROOMZx3758d ago

If anything is f**kin console bias, its

Why not put Gears 2...? Huh, lets see...........


LBP is gonna be good tho too, cant wait for it, I dont play MGS4 no more, that and Blu-Ray was tha only reason I gotta PS3, so LBP better be good and make me happy.

What really shouldve been put on there is Call of Duty World of War... Im sorry, but its gonna suck people.

doshey3759d ago

lbp a fail no learn to read around the internet

cahill3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

when it is released .
be sure of that

fail = too human, ninja gaiden 2

trust me

Too Human will average even less than Hours of Victory
an RPG which is 10 hour long?

zapass3759d ago

who the [email protected] cares about a gaming site that awarded best console of all times to the 360??

lol serves thick boring SPAM to cheer up demoralized xbiotches

Spread Butt Cheeks3759d ago

he has two chins. no wonder he put eggs on his face.

MAiKU3758d ago

The only fail i see is your attempt to construct a sentence porky.

KBDuB3758d ago

Have you played Too Human? No? Then shut the fckkkkkkk up..

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Mr PS33759d ago

Let me guess who wrote This ?

A Bot

Why no Too Human or Gears 2
If your Gonna put LBP then you might aswell put these in there
Cause they are more likely to SUCK and will !! than LBP
Damm Bots
No games
No Console
No Knowledge

cahill3759d ago

but Too Human??


even the Xbots are hating that game. cant imagine the meltdown which happens when the reviews of Too human start coming in

Eiffel3759d ago

Gears of War 2 will not suck, as well as Too Human,ignorant people like you judge a game before it even comes out. jeeze get your sh!t right.

KBDuB3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

You're just upset cause they mentioned LBP, which I personally think it will be good. And, you say it was written by a bot? Dontcha think if it was written by a "bot" then it would have at least 7 PS3 titles?

And, how are you going to say Gears 2 will suck? The people will say otherwise. Too Human, may or may not suck. I personally enjoyed the game. And, many other people said they enjoyed the game.