Thai Site Offers Local Perspective on GTA Cabbie Murder

Via GamePolitics: "Frustrated by sketchy and somewhat conflicting English language news accounts of Bangkok's GTA Cabbie murder, GP went looking for local Thai sources and found Asian Sweetheart. The site is mostly pictures of "gorgeous Thai ladies," but the cabbie murder apparently got the owner's attention away from posting glam shots."

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Fishy Fingers3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

BBC reported this the day of the incident. He was basically in a bad financial situation and saw a taxi robbery as an easy why to get some money.

Blaming GTA/computer games is just an easy excuse to make, especially in today's climate where the media feast upon anything game negative.

Unfortunately R* have to bear the brunt of the bad press. Sadly, not everyone takes the time to find out the full picture, they'll read one story "kid kills because of GTA" and assume the worst.